If You’re Sleeping in an Airport, It’s Your Fault!

For the past 3 days I have encountered families with children, older men and women, students and the likes stranded and ‘forced’ to sleep overnight in the airport. As you may or may not know, I work with an airline out of PHL Airport and every night for the last 3 days – I seen terror. Not the terror that the news talks about, not the one that has us scared to travel due to fear, I am talking about hardcore terror. The type of terror that leaves you with no other alternatives or choices.

The news station made its way to the airport to interview a few people who has been stranded, some of them on a two day spree. I walk past them while they are recording for the evening news to watch as Americans scream at an airline that has canceled their flights back to back and sent them on their way. I went back out with 10 bottles of water to give it to them because I felt the need to do so – Some were asleep but woke up to take a bottled water  – I counted how many thanked me.  It was not equal to the number that received.



I started to get intrigued by the word responsibility and accountability which are two big ass words in Comfort Killing philosophy. Here is a story of from one of them:

“The airline canceled our flight, we missed our connecting flight and now we are sleeping in the airport because they didn’t even give us a hotel. I hate this airline. I will never book again with so and so. (Not the airline I work with) “

“This is the second flight they canceled going to Orlando and now, my kids and I have to sleep here because they couldn’t do anything for us”

“I am so mad right now, I have work tomorrow and I don’t live here – there’s no where for me to stay – they can’t do this to us” 

The word responsibility is not included in any form of these statements back to me. I listened to people all day  scream and yell like children, curse and go into a rampage, point at the airline agents, fight and blame and complain. This is terror. This is not responsibility.

Responsibility is defined as the state of being the person who caused something to happen; being in charge; getting the credit or blame for acts or decisions.


Your decision is the ultimate freedom. People look at a big word like freedom and think it only means to freedom of speech or anything relating to the constitution – by the way here is the constitution, did you ever read more than you know? The power of choice and the power within choices is where you find maximum freedom. The power of thought and what we choose to think, is maximum freedom. The power of taking responsibility for all your actions is maximum freedom. The power to not blame, complain or victimize yourself is maximum freedom. What is going on?

I was terrified. Walking through that airport to go home that night reminded me of something. It reminded me of how personal choice has been neglected. To have no other alternatives but to sleep on a filthy ground covered by articles of clothing is terror. Terror is when your airline cancels a flight and you don’t have enough money for a hotel or a cab ride, or an Uber or another flight. You have lost power. That is terrifying.

Social Responsibility

Now. I can understand why the news would love to capture this on airport grounds but how did they know? Who called them? Who wanted them to be involved? I watched as a man with his kids gestured the newscaster as to say, “Hey, I was the one that called, come interview me being a victim with my two kids sitting right here watching as I talk about how bad the airline is, and why they should pay for our hotel and food even though our tickets were $70 each”

I want to help all these people, it is my mission. We oughto make better decisions, we oughto create  wealth to have new alternatives, we oughto have a safe place for our kids, we oughto keep moving forward.

The real terror happening to our civilization is not taking responsibility. My social responsibility is teaching MILLIONS how to get uncomfortable. At the very least, teaching one. Which brings me to the parking garage of the airport where I park on level 6. Earlier in the day I saw two stranded walking around close to the garage pacing back and forth. I was over there handling other work with no intentions to go home just yet. To be totally honest, I forgot my car keys and had to walk back to the office. I took my time to get back towards the parking garage and made my way to level 6. The smell of marijuana smacked me in my face as the elevator door opened. I mean it was as if someone JUST finished smoking a big ol’ bong.

The two that I saw earlier pacing back and forth were by the elevator door – They were getting ready to cuddle and fall asleep on the ground next to an electrical outlet which is prime real estate at any airport. I wondered. I wonder if they had enough alternative to have their weed ready and available for any disruptions, interruptions, and as a backup. It’s funny really. They packed extra weed, instead of ensuring they had extra money for a hotel room.

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy Cross

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