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Comfort in Discomfort
  • by Stacy Cross
  • Dec 04, 2016
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an article by Dave M. Boddy 

Growing up we are conditioned to settle, and we are conditioned to remain within the comfort zone. The issue I found with this conditioned mentality is that it disallowed personal growth, it genuinely motivated stagnant individuals. It was almost as if the world did not want successful individuals, they only wanted people to garner the same results as others around them. Upon realizing this, I concluded this is a mindset I wanted to avoid, it would eventually prove harder than I expected to do.

The stagnant conditioned mindset is literally everywhere, everywhere I turned I saw someone motivated to settling, and not inspiring to be more. It seemed the brainwashing I was receiving was universal, and it led me to believe I needed to conform to this mindset. Why would I fight against a conform mindset when the world is allowing the mindset to be the normal? I conformed, and I did so for many years, and looking back now I regret it. I wasted so much time of my life appealing to others, and to conform to what was socially accepted as the norm. I did not allow myself personal growth, although it was falsely labeled as such. In this society, personal growth is defined as rungs on a corporate ladder, raises, promotions, and garnering materials.

People now consider personal growth being what you do to appeal to others to garner what they feel you need, there is literally no part of this mindset that allows personal growth. Personal growth is when you focus on building the better version of you, it means you do what is bet for you, 100%. Personal growth is meant to help propel you forward and offer you the freedom of being who you are, most are not focused on personal growth, and they are solely focused on doing what others want them to do. This “comfortable” mindset is one I vowed to avoid from hereon. I vowed to find the comfort zones in life no longer, I vowed to pursue all the zones that offer discomfort.

Comfort in DiscomfortI learned with this vow that this new view is the true definition of personal growth, where daily you strive to find more discomfort and kill it. When we live in a comfortable mindset it tends to mean we are settling for what is “good”, when realistically we should focus on “what is great” daily. The risk of settling is simple, it means you are allowing your life to becomes stagnant, which means you will have moments of regret, boredom, feeling of repetition, and more. Choosing to be stagnant means choosing to throw away all opportunities to become “even greater”. The comfort zone does not allow personal growth, it does the opposite.

I learned this through many (and I mean many years) years of conforming to be stagnant, I chose to follow the same path of the 97% of the world, and all while expected a different life than them, that is the true definition of insanity right there. How could I acquire a better life when I conformed and followed the same mindset of those who choose the comfort zones? I learned I would never find the life I wanted in this mindset, thus I said to hell with this. When I was discharged from brain injury rehab due to my fifteenth concussion (and being diagnosed with permanent brain damage) that enough is enough. I vowed to never again live being comfortable, growing up with being diagnosed with ADHD in 1997 I knew my mindset was different.

It was now time to conform to my natural mindset, which is focusing solely on passion, my dream, and genuine personal growth. I knew after my time in injury rehab I needed to focus on me more, and I needed more experiences with being uncomfortable. I then decided to pursue public speaking, then producing, then acting, then creating an organization, then becoming an international selling author, then writing movies, and I am still entering discomfort voluntarily. I am never satisfied with my success, I crave more, and I am obsessed with creating new goals. It is now my life to conquer moments of comfort. As soon as I feel content and comfortable I feel a natural impulse to find discomfort, it is within these moments of discomfort I found success.

The moment I vowed to accept no longer being comfortable and stagnant is the moment my life changed. It was the moment my life found genuine meaning, and that meaning was conforming to my personal growth with a genuine mindset to overcome comfort. I am now focused on helping people around the world become what I am proud to say I am, and that is a comfort killer.

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