Most real estate gurus promote that you must get the best deal or do not buy real estate. So many promote that your entire real estate investing career is predicated on getting that super deal. And, if you do not get it you will never make money and it will be the end of the world.

This kills dreams because it promotes comfort. Honestly, it is as if these real estate gurus are promoting comfort. I believe differently. Yes I think it great to get a good deal, but if you do not know how to operate the property, it is not a good deal.

Think about like this, your friend sells you his Lamborghini because he is getting a divorce. He sells you the Lamborghini for $15K, the best deal ever! You never owned a sports car or have driven a manual car ever, this is great, you’re excited. You go pick up the Lamborghini and attempt to drive it home. But since you have no experience driving this type of vehicle you break the clutch and damage the transmission.

The auto shop contacts you and explains the repairs will be $82K to repair the Lamborghini. You only have $10K, so you end up selling the Lamborghini for $15K just to break even on the money you spent on it. Now was the Lamborghini a deal? No, because you do not know how to operate it correctly. This is what happens to so many individuals that are sold on the “deal” they are sold on the idea of comfort.

Even worse, most individuals never even take that first step because they have to get the “best deal”. They wait and wait for the “best deal” like the guru told them, then a decade later they still haven’t invested because they never found the “best deal.” Finding the best deal becomes the excuse to never take action.

Kill the comfort. Kill the “deal” mentality. Take action, stop waiting, you are looking for something that does not exists. You’re going to be uncomfortable either way. You will be uncomfortable by not taking action. And you will be uncomfortable by taking action.

Real estate will not wait for you. Be a Comfort Killer and get in the game. Do not let comfort kill your real estate investing dreams like it has so many others.