2016 Recap – Was it a Good Year for The Comfort Killers?

2016 Recap
  • by Stacy Cross
  • Dec 29, 2016
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Was is it a good year for Stacy A. Cross and The Comfort Killers brand and company? Here is the 2016 Recap.

 Let’s find out!

First of all, I want to thank each and every one of you for participating in my growth. I believe deeply that your journey to success is my journey to success and vice versa, that is why I created the tag line of this company to be just that, your journey to success. My 2016 recap is finally complete.  I will continue doing this yearly for you to learn from, build from and because I am open and transparent. Thank you for such a great year. 

This year has been quite a journey for me. I basically changed my life around in one year and started a company that helps others do the same. My mission in life is to teach MILLIONS how to get uncomfortable, to think better, to act better and to live better. I do this through action and activity with intent and purpose. I found out quickly that without purpose you are basically aiming in the dark. You are target practicing at nothing – there is nothing there. No one knows you exist.

Grant Cardone

I also recognized that I had to get the hell out of obscurity and stop being selfish. I had to stop hoarding information and start providing value. I remember when Grant Cardone emailed me and told me something along the lines of, “they got to know you to flow you” – I quickly took heed and made a name for myself. I know that I am rough around all edges, but why have an edge if you can’t go there. That said, I went to the lengths of no man’s land. I wanted to see just how far I could stretch myself and just how fast I can do it.

This company has allowed me to grow in ways that I couldn’t conceive in a little as 3 years back. I couldn’t perceive how valuable I was and how my story could change people’s lives. This year has also been the realest one I lived, because I lived it on my terms, doing what I love without fear of failure and without fear of criticism. In my previous business, Preferred Classics, a clothing brand, I was more concerned with what everyone else was doing. I was duplicating failing methods of business and I was shooting in the dark. It is because of that failure that I decided to step it up through personal development and self-improvement. I went deep into the books, found coaches, and practiced the new me outside and online for the world to see I was no longer in doubt and no longer in mystery. I was Stacy A. Cross – and there’s no E in it!

Let’s get started: The Basics

  • The Get Uncomfortable Podcast Show – Over 12,000 downloads from all over the world this has consistently been growing in 2016. Ever month, we get 2000+ more listens and I will be paying this channel way more attention in the upcoming months

Top 3 episodes: (1) Survival of the Fittest – Listen (2) You Need Laser Focus in Business – Listen (3) Germen Barroga Gets Uncomfortable – Listen

  • The Comfort Killers YouTube channel – I started this late in the year and I am still cursing myself for not doing it much sooner. We are growing fast and have over 100 subscribers which we plan to 10X in the upcoming months. – Subscribe now
  • The Comfort Killers website – This is HQ! We live, eat and breath the domain. We currently have 5+ featured contributors that publish exclusively on our website and have more being added now! You will soon see a change our platforms and offerings very soon. I just took a look at our website stats and I am pleased to say that month over month we have increased page visits, users and engagement.
  • Social Media – This year, first year in business, our socials has seen much growth and expansion. On all of our channels we noticed an uptick in engagement, activity and deliverable. We will continue to blast our channels multiple times every day and apply various formulas to expand our reach.

Engage with me: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook Page | Facebook Personal | LinkedIn | Snapchat | Medium |

  • The Comfort Killers Mailing List – Tons of growth here. Our users are subscribing and not leaving. We have a great open and click through rate and we only plan to get better here. We provide daily and weekly emails full of premium content! – Subscribe to our newsletter now
  • Sales – We opened our online store for official business in May of 2016 and have seen monthly revenue stream in from our top selling product this year: The Comfort Killers Staple T-Shirt. We have even more products lined up in the next few months which includes more apparel and personal development products – Get your shirt now!

Real Estate

  • The Comfort Killers on Grant Cardone TV – Viewership up 200% with our top show being: Focus on Income. This channel will be our focus for 2017.  We will also move towards producing documentaries such as this one I recorded in Atlanta with real estate investor Thelonious C. Jones. – Watch the documentary now

Let’s Continue: The Inclusion

My first year in business! YES! It feels freaking great, it feels like 2016 was actually my warm up session, a scrimmage before the game is really played. That is why I opened myself up no matter the time of day, how I felt or what was going on around me to reach out and be a part of other people’s network. I was being omnipresent. Here is a list of podcasts / video segments that I had the pleasure to be a guest on this year! 

  1. Robert Syslo – Ask the Pro “How to be Uncomfortable” – watch now
  2. Matt Crane – Power of Great Podcast – listen now
  3. Ryan Perez – The Hustle Zone – FB LIVE
  4. Robby Frank – Extreme Success Coach – watch now 
  5. The Erica Glessing Show – publishing soon
  6. Michelle Dutro – The Game Changer Podcast – listen now
  7. Prosper Taruvinga – FB LIVE interview
  8. Jenn T. Grace’s – The Personal Branding Podcast – listen now
  9. Arthur Robinson’s – Powerful Podcast – publishing soon

I will continue to include myself on any streams necessary to get my message out into the market. I appreciate everyone I mentioned on this list greatly this year especially Michelle Dutro for being the first one to take a risk on a crazy entrepreneur like myself. Let’s make this list multiply in 2017. If you would like to have me as a guest on your podcast please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly via email

Give Give Give: Always!

When I first started this company back in Feb 2016, I never knew that 1. I would be doing shows on Grant Cardone TV network and 2. Have an amazing business partner to share and celebrate success with. I just didn’t think that far ahead because I was concerned with crushing my targets daily and by that I mean 100 percent content. Here is how much CONTENT we have given in 2016.

  1. 150 published articles on our website
  2. 25 published articles on Medium
  3. 19 articles on Linkedin Pulse
  4. 73 videos on YouTube
  5. over 20 h0urs of phone calls getting to know people who are interested in the brand

I would like to take this opportunity to give you one last GIFT before the New Year which you can use to help you Get Uncomfortable Right now. This is a thank you gift for all your support in 2016. When I first created this webinar was early in the startup phase and wanted nothing more than to set the world on fire. I believe I have started that process and with your help we will continue to set fire to conventional wisdom and lazy inaction. Below is my first ever webinar created 100% without script, without time to think and without chill. I have to warn you, I used explicit language throughout it but its 100% real! Click the photo below to watch the 1.5+ hour webinar on How to Get Uncomfortable Right now. It comes with an eBook! This is a $500.00 value that I am giving to you for FREE.


How to get uncomfortable right now

Now what?: Dominate

So how did it all turn out? Did I accomplish all of my goals – not even close. I only scratched the top layer of the surface and I am itching to get beneath that layer. I am using a war plan now. A war plan that I developed for myself and for my comfort killers worldwide! Execution is everything my friends and as you can witness, I am a ready, fire and aim kind of CEO. But what I can tell you is – if you keep going and stay on purpose you will achieve your desired outcome. You will have results and you will move closer to success. That is what The Comfort Killers is really about – it’s about stepping the hell out and showing your talents off and not taking no for an answer. 

In 2017, there will be more of everything. More Stacy A. Cross on all platforms, more talks, more videos, more courses, more webinars, more coaching, more content, more sales, more happiness, more of everything. Increasing it all for one mission: Teaching millions how to get uncomfortable. Am I ready? No. Is it going to stop me? No. Massive action doesn’t stop to research and ask questions. Massive action is crazy to normal, average, traditional folks. I rather be crazy and successful than normal and broke. I rather go for it all and risk everything and bet on myself than spending one second in a pity party of regret. I rather fly around the world talking to amazing entrepreneurs than lay on the couch and watch others live out their dreams on TV. I rather. There is power there. It is a choice to act on everything. 

This market is flooded with gurus, specialists, experts and coaches ready to give you their all. Some are worth it but many add complexity to simple things. I plan to be your simple coach. The one that makes you say “oooh, it sounds easy” – You know why? Because it is. It’s easy but its hard to do because you haven’t made it a habit yet. That’s the only reason it is complex, because you haven’t stuck with it long enough to push past the threshold.

Thank you to all that encouraged me, advised me, believed in me and supported my growth. But I am done with 2016. It’s over with. I have moved one. I no longer live in the past. I only measure, analyze and multiply it. Everything that I have mentioned in this post is now history. It’s gone. All my achievements of yesterday no longer means anything. It is a bullet point on my journey. Let’s move on.

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy A. Cross 

P.S Special thank you to our operations manager, Shivhon Adkins, my beautiful partner!

James Flanagan my business partner and co-founder – Thank you.

Also to Rick Lawson for being the very first advocate for The Comfort Killers.