There’s More Work to Do

There's More Work to Do

There’s More Work to Do

I am thankful to have met and interviewed someone who found me early in month two of starting The Comfort Killers company. Rick Lawson reached out to me via email to express his love for what I was doing at the time. I was totally in an unrest then, pumping out articles like a mad man, videos with hoodies on – feeling blessed to have new motivation pour from the inside out.

I walked out of a seminar that was held at a Hilton Hotel, in Philadelphia. Rick Lawson and his fiancée is staying at the very same place that I walked out of before starting this company. It is ironic – maybe only to me. I have so much to learn and more work to do.

Yesterday, we created videos for CKTV and GCTV and my Get Uncomfortable Podcast show. It is truly a blessing to see how one decision (the right one) enables universal support. If you think that someone out there isn’t waiting for what you have then you are mistaken. I did not think for once that I wasn’t typing or talking to an empty room.

So, in comes Rick Lawson cheering me on and making me feel good about the work that is being done early in startup phase. Rick turned out to be a total inspiration to me – he is the father of 5 boys, lives in Texas, poured his heart out on Tony Robbins’ “Breakthrough” TV series, partner of a social media and digital marketing agency, and owner of a roofing company in Texas.  Rick has his hands full, but still found time to express love and positivity for what I was doing AND visited me and Shivhon in Philly to make this whole thing concrete and tangible.

There are people that come across in your life that will ignite you to greatness. Do not shut them out, they come in many forms and the best of them will let you know in a direct or indirect way – that there’s more work to do!

Remain uncomfortable,