Secrets to Success

Secrets to Success – by Luis “I AM” Class

Most of my life I’ve been in a negative environment and I just walked through life like everyone else I used to always feel like I was different and I used to always think that I could be whatever I wanted to be. My most important quality was that I had the ability to learn from others mistakes and I used to watch how they moved, how they spoke, how they would fuck up in some way or form in their life and I would notice the consequences of their actions.

During those times I was alone and by alone I mean within my mind I was alone. I never used to let others opinions interrupt my thought process. During these times everyone would think I was a loose cannon but I was simply learning. I’ve had life and death situations but I always seemed to come out scratch free even it was not literally life or death but a situation that was so negative that it would have the power to ruin my life forever.

A time I clearly remember was one time when I was not making smart choices and I was selling drugs while I was driving down the road speeding I got pulled over and they charged me with 4 felonies within five minutes they had arrested and towed my  vehicle and I was off to jail. I spent a night in jail paid all my dues before morning saw the judge and I was set free; later I got a letter in the mail saying that all four felonies have been dropped and I was in complete shock! I took it as a form of luck and went about my scheduled program.

After this incident I met a girl after I came out of jail at a bar and for the most part she was the complete opposite of me, she was very negative and through our relationship negative things would occur but I just thought that’s how life was. We had our issues like every other relationship I would see and even though people would tell me to leave her I wouldn’t listen until one day where we got into argument she called the cops and I was sent to jail.

I was placed in jail because the negative woman in my life choked herself out and claimed to the cops that it was me. While I was in jail I was with 70 other guys that were all in jail due to some form of domestic violence and there was one guys story that struck a cord. It was his seventh time in jail for the same charge from the same woman so I started thinking is this what’s going to happen to me? Am I going to get out of jail go back to her and let the cycle start all over again? That’s when I decided I would not let this happen to me and I would let her go and continue my life alone and I prayed that one day I would find a woman that no matter what circumstances she would always show me love.

Luis Angel Class
I was bailed out of jail along with my new friend who had the seven domestic violence charges and we had a beer while waiting for my dad to come pick me up and he told me that we would remain friends. One day they came by a floor and shop that I owned and I got to experience his girl first hand I watched her as she yelled, argued and hit this man like he was a child! It was another reminder of why I had previously decided not to let this happen to me. I was battling within myself because I had a child with her and I grew up without both of the parents in one household and I never wanted that for my kids and somehow through the universe my prayers were answered not too long after I had prayed about finding a woman who really loved me.
I had already met this amazing woman months before through a friend that had a show and I went there to support him and she was there for the same reason to support him, little did I know she was the answer I was looking for but didn’t realize it until 8 months later. We started dating and from the beginning I realized there was something different about her. Immediately I realized how completely opposite she was from my last relationship and I noticed how completely opposite her family treated her they loved her. I grew up with my parents loving me but not really telling me and in my last relationship that woman would always argue and fight with her parents and I never quite understood that. I quickly figured out this New woman was exactly what I prayed for and in the beginning of our relationship we had some issues because I was fighting with the fact that I was leaving the woman that I had my first child with there will be a point that I would struggle with this and I faced a split in the road where I had to decide who I was going to remain with and I literally made a list in my head of the negatives and the positives of each woman and one of the women I only found positives so I went with that one and boy did I choose the right path! This woman completely changed my thoughts, my views, my understanding but most importantly she would change my heart. She taught me many things but the one thing that she always showed me was love though our relationship even when we had our ups and downs she would still show me love.

Once we found ourselves living modest but dreaming big opportunity came knocking. It was the opportunity of network marketing and at first I didn’t want anything to do with it even though deep down inside I knew I wanted it to work because when I was 17 years old network marketing was introduced to me and I fell in love and I prayed that I would be able to make a living through network marketing and be able to live a life of abundance. In the beginning of our new opportunity I only supported her. I wouldn’t do none of the mindset work or the personal development until one day I went on a Men’s retreat and it completely changed my life it was the first time that I ever felt God it was a feeling of complete Power. After that I focused only on being uncomfortable in any situation. I began to speak my mind, I began learning and reading; I decided to do anything I had to do in a positive form to make all my dreams come true because I had reached my fuck it point. The point in your life where you say nothing is going to stop you because I am unstoppable and nobody is going to be able to change your path because your destiny was written. During my journey I saw many signs that I was walking the right path and I finally found my “exit.”

I believe greatness is in all of us but during our lives we let all the negative overpower the positive this is the worst mistake we can make! We always have to live in the positive no matter what and I have started teaching my kids whatever negative thing is happening focus on the opposite they seem to be catching on quickly. Every time they’re thinking of something negative I make them wag like a dog to refocus their thoughts and they immediately start laughing! To me this is priceless I encourage adults to apply the same technique. During my personal journey I learned this technique through some amazing leaders One of many new techniques that I use in order to escape reality and all its negative thoughts. I am now focused on my passions and figuring out ways to make income through them that way I can continue living this free amazing life on the road with my best friend and my children and the secret to my success is not only focused on being uncomfortable but applying the law of attraction to every area in my life.

Through my journey I have learned the secrets to success include being positive no matter what, don’t let the negative distract you, Personal Development I say should be taught to us in school and another favorite of mine Mindset! Love unconditionally, do not judge anyone, find happiness without material things, live a life of freedom of office always be open to being a student and teach others what you learn and be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Make sure to find your passions those are the things you would do even if you do not get paid. Only focus on them and no matter what may arise never quit.

Remain uncomfortable,

Luis I AM  Class