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Stacy A Cross an Grant Cardone
  • by Stacy Cross
  • Nov 16, 2016
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The Comfort Killers is a Movement

We are a personal development and self improvement company

Today, I wrapped up my highly anticipated interview with Grant Cardone in his Miami offices. I must say, it felt really good to know that we are making it happen together! Personal development was always this secretive thing that you do deep in a basement filled with dusty books and moldy newspapers. For centuries, they hid under tables, held secret meetings and then called it the secret to the masses. Some even mistaken self improvement as a cult, not a culture. With the help of social media and brave men and women that share what they have read, learned, experienced and acted on. Little by little, personal development became cool.

I sent an email to Robert Syslo of Grant Cardone TV a while ago. It was a Sunday and very early in the morning. Robert replied that he will be in PD (Personal Development) for the rest of the day and would circle back with me Monday morning. I freaking loved that. It just so happened that Robert is always in PD and so am I, and so are the many people I keep close to me. We are always learning, growing and adding.

The value is in my experience, Comfort Killers and I am always willing to get uncomfortable and experience shit outside of my comfort zone. I am always willing to stretch myself, outgrow myself, out think myself, out hustle myself, outflow myself in order to provide you MASSIVE amounts of value.

Personal Development takes Discipline

See, may will ask, why? Why do this – Be like the rest of them and sign off after a few months, lie about what your doing, they don’t want to see that it takes WORK. They are scared of the truth! They rather believe the bullshit about a secret.

I am not going to lie to you, my comfort killers. I will not send you on an endless search that I was on before waking up and taking control back. Control of growth is a wonderful thing. Imagine, you can get out, in direct proportion, what you put in. What have you been putting in?

We are a movement and we take anyone that is willing to put in the work and say, enough is fucking enough! Let’s do this!



Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy Cross