When Media Thinks You Are Dumb – Ask Yourself, Am I?

Sorting through bullshit is a full time job

Hello Comfort Killers!

I just want you to know that I am extremely happy with life right now. I found that there is a sweet spot to life and I want to 10X this feeling. In terms of the sweet spot, this is how you too can find it and blow it up. If you are in the sweet spot you are 100% focused on your input, output and flow. I remember when I was hooked to cable and reality shows, day after day. Who controlled my input then? I remember when I thought watching CNN and MSNBC made me a better player in life. Who controlled my input then? I even remember knowing the stats of my favorite basketball team’s output each week – I ask again, who controlled my input then?

One day, I turned it all off. Mark Cuban is an amazing businessman, entrepreneur and leader, regardless of what you think. I watched a short documentary on the man and he kept saying “I don’t watch the news, I don’t watch the news.” Around that time, I was still heavily influenced by news channels and media – they still controlled my input. Shortly after that video of Mark Cuban, I turned it off – shut the whole thing down. Before doing that however, I started to take notice of the hate, negativity and subconsciousness programming behind it. These evil merchants were all trying to keep us worried, scared, depressed, weak, and controlled. Here is a great example of it.

A snow storm was supposed to hit Philadelphia and the NE seaboard. They’ve been talking about it for weeks before and everyone on elevators, at rest stops, in church and at the airport were all talking about “the big one.” We emptied shelves at the supermarket and created a panic. Many flights were canceled and schools announced they will shut everything down weeks if need be. It was a big deal! I even found myself buying up extra things and hoarding them in my basement. The rules of survival has changed. The rules to survival now begins with Walmart and ends at Home Depot.

We found out on the day of, that the storm didn’t come, it moved out to sea. Nothing to worry about. We were all safe. Would you rather weather a storm or get the hell out of dodge. Fly out a week or two earlier? I asked myself non-stop after the entire ordeal.

I noticed something about billboard advertising on the highway. Most of them across the top very boldly asks, “CAR ACCIDENT?” sometimes even has a photo of a mangled up car totaled from a wreck. Now, what is this inputting in our heads subconsciously? I always noticed on average 1-2 car accidents everyday on I95 – like clockwork. Now I am wondering. Billboards, news channels, reality TV (scripted). Why should we want to be controlled?

Take Control Back Now

You know how hard it is to unplug from the idiot box? Do you have any idea how hard it is to not watch The Walking Dead or your favorite sports team. If you are like me then you know you have to fill that space with other positive things. Not going to lie – this is tough.

I turned off my cable and the first thing they do is scare you with the cancellation fee: “It’s going to be $500.00” – So what. Why are we scared to break contract, leave leases, move on and move out? Because the stigma behind it is as such. You’re under contract, you have to pay – So what. No one ever thinks about the cost of staying. The cost of living in the same place even though its ridden with crime and negativity. Why stay? Want to be cool?

When you focus on your input (the books you read, the TV you watch or don’t watch, the radio you listen to, the people you listen to, the thoughts you think) Then you understand the output (the things you say, the focus you have, the life you create, the opportunities you create, the life you want, the freedom you earn).

The latest American presidential elections is no different friends. I didn’t watch them – I took control way back. The candidates has websites that you can visit to dissect or learn about policies and stance they care about. Instead, I am watching my Facebook feed filled of hate and opinions. I’ve always stated, if something takes you off your game, then eliminate it. If you can’t go to work, school or focus on your thing – then what has control over you?

Control is important in life. You have got to take it back from whatever has it now. Look at your mentor, coach – what are they filling their space with? I am sure it is something that they placed there.


Enjoy the above clip of Will Smith’s take on thoughts and things then ask yourself “How can I take control back in my life?”