Here’s Your Get Out of Jail Free Card

A true Comfort Killer looks words up – before we go any further, let’s examine the word JAIL.

  1. A place of confinement
  2. Limit, Restrict and Seize
  3. A place where people are kept when they have been arrested and are being punished for a crime

These are the basic handling on the word – JAIL!

In the past three years, I moved a total of 4 times. This is not average activity considering that the average American moves 11.7 times in their lifetime according to the 2007 ACS data.


I relocated from Jersey to Delaware for new opportunity with the resource center. Then I noticed that all I did was live in a similar setting and place that I knew – one that was comfortable to me. I grew my awareness and moved again. This time to Main Street Manayunk. We got uncomfortable. Then I needed windows and gathered my belongings and moved once more. I am currently ready and able to take make the move again.  This is community.

After my awareness started to peak through studying on my own, I took notice of how I related things in my environment. I hated getting up to think about going into the office. I did injustices there – by being late, not contributing to my highest potential and the biggest injustice of all, not having a game plan for myself with productivity goals and an exit plan. This is work.

School was also a place that was either a hit or miss for me. I didn’t go to prom; I wasn’t interested in home coming nor the subjects at hand for study. Similar feelings followed me to college where I started and stopped multiple courses. I had the power of withdrawing the ones that weren’t getting the grades I wanted. I asked, why is this not working for me? Was it the material? The teachers? How about the concepts and delivery? This is knowledge.

I didn’t learn about money at school. I learned about money by watching my family handle or not handle money. We learn a lot about living from tradition. Some either had money or they didn’t. Everything was I struggle or a fight in the obtainment of money. Money doesn’t carry over into the next months – You either are constantly swimming in debt or hiding from it. You get a job, work at that job until you are able to retire with a decent pension. Take vacations to places you are comfortable going and enjoy the rest of your life in your living room watching wheel of fortune. This is money.


Let’s explore how we keep ourselves locked behind bars

Work = Your (J)ob is the “J” in Jail. 

I changed the name of MY job to my resource center. It was a simple shift in mindset that brought me much success to my plans and goals. Instead of going to Jail everyday – confined  to a place you hate, why don’t you figure out what it is you want to gain out of your resource center. A resource is vital to growth. I spun the entire concept of going to work into I am going to build skills that build my personal brand which in turn builds my power. I am going to gain excellent skills and training in an area – become an expert which ultimately allows for more income. Since income is vital to survival, I will learn ways to increase this income by remaining productive @ the resource center. I will change my attitude and learn why the key players are the key players. I will arm myself with information and open all lines of communication as to better my position and ultimately better my life out of JAIL.

Money = Your (A)ssets is the “A” in Jail

Money is money. Money has no value until one is placed upon it by something or someone else. Who taught you about building assets? Did your parents fight about assets and liabilities? Or did it sound something like, “No! There’s no money” – I didn’t know about assets and the meaning of owning assets til way up in my years. It’s a shame really. Money was only earned by punishing your body – the good money? Long hours with all those hours coming from a source of pain and hurt. If you have a negative money concept, your first order of business is to locate the source and spin it around. You are in jail. You are being held in a mindset that will disallow your growth and advancement to abundance. Study assets, learn about value and the exchange of it. If you’re dealing only with money – you are in jail, you don’t have to stay there.

Knowledge = (I)nformation is the “I” in Jail

A wise man told me that ignorance is the illusion of knowledge and another wise man said that knowledge without application is ignorance. We need basic arithmetic, reading, writing – we need these to navigate our daily lives. We have given the tools for 12 years to navigate society and be able to communicate with our fellow humans in civilization. Here is where we lock ourselves up – We stay there. We depend so much on what is being given that we forget that we can acquire more. We become so dependent on college and high school to determine for us a grade to which we carry in its deepest regards. The best information I received ever didn’t come from school. They didn’t teach me about assets, finances, or about mindset. They did teach me how to apply for a Federal Pell Grant or a Private Loan. They taught me this fairly quickly before the semester was started. They taught me that you can be voted a class clown not most likely to start their personal branding as a comedian. The problem lies here within: You can grab your education from the highest of places but it will not free you from jail. The solution is to gather information as quickly as you can and organize it to your benefit. Look and observe.

Community = Where you (L)ive is the “L” in Jail.

We have been taught to settle down, buy a house and remain happy. We have been confined to one place for too long without understanding the mechanics of how comfortable we are. We cry about gentrification and refuse to believe it’s happening in OUR communities, without buying property to call our own. We stay in one place arrested by our own fears without purpose or hope to define our lives. Love your community, you don’t have to stay there. You might need a new scenery, you might need to reach up not lateral. You may need to throw away your reservations about what you believe is “home” – Home is anywhere you live. You are not hammered down into one place. Be nimble in your search for opportunities and get the hell out of jail!

Are You Ready for a Change?

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