How Comfort Killers do Life Together

On our most recent episode of Love and Grow we discussed “Doing Life” together.  Our guests Rick Lawson and Jenni Hudson sat with us to discuss working together in all areas of life and business as a couple.  The importance of each member in a relationship adds a tremendous amount of value.  This value can transfer into your start-up, established businesses, and future ideas.  Some may wonder how to get the point where they are on the same page as their partner.  It is not rare to have differences of opinion, different goals, passions, or even desires of what you want life to look like.   Communication is key, as in any relationship, you must remain clear, open, and honest.  If you have not moved forward with your business idea make sure that you have a realistic idea of how your partner feels about it, will they be involved, how often, and at what cost to your family or other responsibilities?  Do they understand your vision and plan? Do they believe in you/it? Do they have skills and abilities that will benefit the business?  You don’t want to jump in before you know some of these answers.


If  you feel strongly about an idea, however, would not feel positive about moving forward with it without your partner perhaps it wasn’t the right idea for you, but what if it is? Are you prepared to do it alone or find another business partner? Is your partner or spouse going to understand that this will pull you away, require a lot of time and effort and possibly money? I believe this is when the communication is key.  Lay it out the best you can in order to formulate the plan that will work best for YOU.   Review your Pros and Cons. Everything else has to fall in place around you and you must work hard to keep it from falling on you!  Don’t waste too much time on that, if you are with someone you love, that knows you well, they will be able to quickly help you navigate through the tough part, and they will be there for you in the best way they can even if it means they are not doing the PR for your new company.  They are not interested in building the website,  or helping you set up and prepare a conference.  On the other hand perhaps they want to do the accounting, be the marketing director, and ultimately help you build the business that will help you both reach your goals and dreams!



Respect is huge regardless of what path you choose.  Respect for each others choices, voices, and decision making will allow improved conflict resolution.  Having processes in place to solve certain problems for your business is key.  Make sure you have processes to address financials or financial issues, product development or product creation, advertising budgets, branding, if you can name it you should have process to resolve or work through it effectively and respectively together. This does not mean you need a 500 page manual to get started. Perhaps you have few questions you ask yourselves before making a final decision.  Perhaps you have full control over some departments and your spouse has full control of others.  You have to do what works best for your line of business and your partnership within the business.


shivndjenCreating a business relationship requires that you don’t take things personal.  It takes a lot of work to start and manage a business, there will be times where you need to help your partner find the sunshine in the situation, you may need to just leave each other alone to sort it out or complete projects.  If you can understand each others needs and the needs of your business it is much easier to keep everything in perspective and move onward and upward towards your goals.  Take the time to develop your own skills and allow your spouse or partner to do the same.  Don’t compare your journey to others, embrace it as a team.  Having daily targets and goals will improve organization and focus as well as increase follow through.  Stand together as a team and never let those who don’t understand drag you down.  Set your standards and don’t waver, if you do not follow your plan, there is nobody else to blame.  Are you looking to work on you? Visit  You can also visit the Get Uncomfortable Podcast with Stacy Cross here. Lastly, if you have to go it alone just believe that the passion, the purpose, the product, the organization, and the show will go on! Create the the life and future you want.  Remain Uncomfortable!