The 5 Whys for Solving Problems, Making Sound Decisions and Creating a Better Life.

Over the course of months, I needed help making better decisions in life and business. My first rash decision was trying to obtain an office space in Philly for this company and brand. It didn’t turn out too good. The owner was stuck in his ways, wanted me to keep a sign at the window for nostalgic reasons, and had some “guy” living in the back room with zero security and assurance for my products and equipment. Here is the problem, I wanted a space so bad, I overlooked the cons.

In the past, I chose to gamble over paying bills and this ended up being my life’s biggest turning point. I would actually dig myself deeper in a hole rather than climbing out of it. Pretty scary.

What if there were a guideline to follow that will allow you to make better decisions, solve problems and create a better life? What if I told you, that it’s free, available and simple to use? Would you use it? Would you like us to test it out right now? Okay, let’s do this.

Suppose you have a husband, employee, friend, co-worker that calls you to tell you he/she ran out of gas on the side of the road on the way to work. This co-worker then asks you for a ride.

If you are the friend: “Hey, dag bro! Give me 15 minutes”

If you are the husband/wife: “Honey, what is going on this isn’t the first time? I will be there soon”

If you are the employer: “Dammit! We had a meeting with a huge client and we need your presentation files – How long before you get here?”

If you are the co-worker: “We are all waiting on you, call an Uber”

If you are the person: “This car sucks, the fuel gauge doesn’t work, I need a new car, this always happens to me, I knew it, FML, I am in deep sh*t at work”

Now, the conversation could have happened any which way you see fit but I guarantee that the only question someone won’t ask 7 times is WHY.

Root-Cause Analysis requires you to deep dive sequential failures to identify the trigger event of any problem. The only way to arrive at the root cause is to ask why for every answer given to the question before.

It goes like this:

Why did your car stop? Because it ran out of gas.

Why did the gas run out? Because I didn’t put any gas into the car on my way to work.

Why didn’t you buy gas this morning? Because I didn’t have any money on me.

Why didn’t you have any money? Because last night I lost it in a poker game I played with friends at buddy’s house.

Why did you lose your money in last night’s poker game? Because I am not good at bluffing

+2 more why’s.

It’s like peeling an onion. Each layer is solvable if you think about it. Why did your car stop – it ran out of gas can easily be solved by “getting more gas”

But, that is not the root cause.

Why didn’t you buy gas this morning – Because I didn’t have any money on me. This 3rd layer can also easily be solved by keeping an emergency card in the car or a credit card in the wallet? But again, that is not the root cause.

What we have been doing is fixing topical problems by only dealing with topical solutions. We have yet to identify the real reason for failure and the one no one wants to confront. The gambling problem. It isn’t even mentioned until the 4th WHY and will not be identified until later peels have been lifted.

1st Write down a problem you have

Not enough money, being overweight, lack of energy and so on.

Ask yourself (and be honest) at least 7 why’s

There is a logical connectivity between where you are now and the causes for it. You will be able to spot issues that played a part in the end result (failure).

It’s about time we get real with our life analysis. This is when we start getting truly uncomfortable by being real, honest and direct with change.

We will discuss more about this topic and the 5 Why’s in our webinar which is available now: The 3 C’s of CCCHANGE

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy Cross