Take The Leap For Success

leap for success

Take the Leap for Success

The first day of any undertaking is difficult to overcome especially when you hold yourself accountable. Today is the first day of detoxing my mind and body by consuming only green leafy vegetables and fruits in juice form that I blend up. Right now, my friend Debbie who lives with my partner and I in Philadelphia is cooking up stew chicken (island style). The aroma of the chicken and seasonings is currently holding my known habits hostage. I am not going to sugar coat it, I am hungry.

Before my decision to detoxify, I made a decision to increase energy with exercise. On one of my earlier podcasts, I mentioned how your goals should be reflect a deeper connection to lifestyle rather than connecting only on the surface in three areas – #wealth #health and #happiness. The order doesn’t matter; it doesn’t lessen the importance of any particular area of life.

As it was explained on my podcast show, Get Uncomfortable, your reasons for going to the gym should be to get your blood moving, your muscles feeling alive, your activity level elevated so that you have more energy to complete daily tasks. Your reasoning shouldn’t JUST be to get “mad muscles yo!”

3 C's to Change Webinar

Even though a byproduct of a daily fitness regimen may result in “mad muscle” your reasoning should never be so 3D (more to come on this later). You should have a deeper commitment and connection to a goal than what is seen on the surface. Here you have it, I can’t eat tonight – I can easily quit and start over tomorrow but then it will be another hard ass first day and how many more of those do we need to have before we actually achieve something?

Let’s get back to the basics with this webinar, where we focus on the 3 C’s of CCHANGE and how to take the first step, the first leap to success!

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy Cross