It’s Gloomy Outside And You Rather Not Do Sh*t

This time I will not be greeting you with the term COMFORT KILLERS, but rather COMFORTABLE SEEKERS. Yesterday I pulled a hell of a 15-hour shift at the resource center, I came home tired and low energy.

I somehow thought that it was necessary to level my energy up in order to finish out a few things that was left on my task sheet that needed to be done before Monday. Now, today is Monday and its bleak outside. There’s an England drab look about it, misty and wet.
Remember, these are the days that makes us great – last night when all odds said, “Stacy just go to bed – you already put in 15 hours at your place of work, just go to bed – YOU DESERVE It” these are the moments of magic, this is when you shatter Mr and Mrs. EGO and you take control over your life.

Whether you shot up with energy today or you are reading this in bed – I want you to acknowledge the times when everything around you, the weather, your friends, your schedule and everything inside you, your EGO, your muscles and your focus ALL orchestrate one stupid instruction: “Stay in bed” and you realize that that is exactly the time you need to get up.

Let’s go conquer today! Grab extra energy at the gym – grab some more doing jumping jacks at home – listen to anyone of my podcasts, or trick yourself into believing you have the energy.

Let’s get uncomfortable today!



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