This is How You Customer Service

Customer Service

This is How You Customer Service

In any business, all businesses you need to understand the basic foundation of customer service. The resume paper should turn around and punch a few people for deciding to write about their experience in customer service, highlighting their years and accomplishments.

I know it seems a bit harsh but most have just been doing a bad job at it for years and customers have been getting robbed left and right.

The foundation of customer service is the exchange of a product or service for money – time – effort and resources. That’s all. If a customer purchases your service and you failed to deliver, that is what you call bad customer service.

If a customer provides you time and you do not have the product or service readily available, then it is bad customer service and they will move on to someone else – some other business or person. If a customer is left with their money in their pockets after the sales process, that is bad customer service.

I’ve had some notion of this recently and it forced me to rethink what customer service is. Customer service is ensuring customer satisfaction when buying a product or returning a product. Great customer service begets loyalty and loyalty translates in revenue.

Companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars training their staff in customer service and most face-to-face companies start these training off by telling their employees to smile (which is free).

Here are steps to gain continuous loyalty in your business.

  • You should always be accessible and knowledgeable – Many times we drop the ball here. As a customer and owner, I understand both sides to this coin. When you are dealing with a person that just doesn’t know how to solve problems. You move on.
  • The follow-up – When I used to eat fast food like it was going out of style, I remember having an issue with an employee which prompted me to send a complaint. Within a day or so, I received a call from the franchise asking for details regarding the transaction. Within the month I received an envelope full of coupons to win back my loyalty. Was that great customer service? I was upset at first but my complaint was handled. Following up is priority in customer satisfaction.
  • Interaction / Transaction – During this process the employee should not only sell and close me but should be courteous and responsive to my needs. Resolve any concerns, questions or issues and ask for these.

Last night, just before I left my resource center I was watching another service company (airline) employees. They were huddled around the counters during a time when customers were still approaching. One of them eating flan. The other sitting on a bench. All chatting. Customer walks up, and asks to get checked in. None responsive. This is not customer service.

I been in the customer service game for a number of years. Professors and teachers are in the same game. Doctors and nurses are in this customer service game as well. 7-11 fuel attendants as well. Lawyers, accountants, priests, bankers, and Walmart associates – all in the same game.

We are all in the game of customer service.

The Comfort Killers LLC has its own customers as well. We handle calls, deliver products timely and aim to keep our killers (oops, customers) satisfied.

Being satisfied doesn’t have to mean giving anything away, or lowering your targets or lowering your price. It simply means, that the customer purchased your product or service and from engagement to follow up, was satisfied with the handling and delivery of said product until completion. Remember, follow up is still king for extra added revenue – loyalty.

Remain uncomfortable,


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