Read A Book Series: Possess Your Success: Mastering The Limitless Success Method by Andrew McDonald

This is How You Possess Your Success

“Think it. Speak it. Do it.” A simplified method to owning your success

The theme of obtaining success is usually the same. It is usually a mixture of thinking and growing rich or thinking positive and being dedicated to a goal. Any goal. But make it specific. Write it down daily and you will accomplish it.

The magic formula that has been documented by the ultra successful lacks one thing of which I believe is found in this book. Either your favorite author balances being successful with bountiful think or he/she weighs success by taking massive action. I agree with both. There is a third tier to the success cycle however, which I believe everyone looks over and skims through without applying much pressure. The third requirement is SPEAK. 

Today, I caught up with Andrew McDonald of in Atlanta. We managed to record two interviews before getting asked to leave for defying the odds. Below you can catch my  Facebook Live stream of the experience.

Andrew McDonald’s has created a simplified method to help individuals take the first step in accomplishing goals. Andrew does this by introducing the Limitless Success Method, outfitted with timeless principles that are both proven and certified. Andrew invested a huge amount of time dissecting the rich and successful. He researched, read and outlined the key attributes of great men and women of all time. Celebrities, leaders and entrepreneurs to name a few. Oprah, Walt Disney, Michael Jordan and Andrew Carnegie to name a few more were all investigated carefully to prove or disprove hypothetical questions.

Is success learned? Can anyone achieve success or does success come with a gene or DNA attached? What are the behaviors of successful people? All that and more can be found in Andrew’s new book , Possess Your Success: Mastering the Limitless Success Method

The readability is super easy and the flow is seamless. You will first learn what the book is not and then go into how this book can help support massive growth in any area of your life. The SPEAK that I mentioned earlier, which I believe is missing in most of all success lit, is describe in detail and length in this book. We all know about the think and the action – But, some of us may still need a refresher in these areas. The SPEAK my friends, is the big difference maker for me.

Andrew promised he would do something extra special for our Comfort Killing Community and he over delivered. Visit this webpage and receive the first TWO chapters free as well as his quick course, The 5 Essential Forces of Success . 

Below is the FULL interview with Andrew McDonald.