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The Comfort Killers Success Journal
  • by Stacy Cross
  • Aug 01, 2016
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The Success Page  – Feb 2016 to August 1st 2016

Thanks to me and whole lot of other people.

6 months ago I knew something needed to drastically happen for things to begin changing in my favor. I was at a seminar, seated in the front row like my mommy always said to do, completing an easy task of, “Go to a seminar.” It was the Millionaire Mind Seminar held in a beautifully dressed hotel near me, I made it so easy to succeed. This is about the time I started writing notes in my journal, calling it my success page.  It was like the big bang theory applied itself directly to my situation. It was a sense of knowing a sense of direction and finally a sense of clarity. I walked the hell out of that seminar. 

Clarity creates Change. When you are clear enough to know exactly what needs to be done then you go ahead and do it. The path makes itself seen, the right people pop out of nowhere, and your true purpose begins to take shape. It was one hell of a ride.

So here is all and everything that happened to me in the last 6 months.

Points from my Success Page:

  • Got  clear by unlearning everything
  • Started a journal and another journal and obtained the best day planner ever!


  • Quit Going to the Casino – stopped wasting time and money, immediately.
  • Found a little notebook with “Stock & Wealth” written on the cover page. It changed my world. Only 3 pages were filled in, someone wrote key points down to their wealth creation. I thought it was magnificent. Asked myself, “What am I doing to create wealth in my life”
  • Created big goals.
  • Stopped caring about TV, parties, going out, spending carelessly and reality TV.
  • Completely canceled cable television
  • Cared nothing about my so called favorite sports teams
  • Stopped listening to radio on a grand scale
  • Turned my car into a university and only listened to audio books on my commute
  • Put an End to Preferred Classics (for now)
  • Wanted to go to Tony Robbins’ Business Mastery but it was $15,000 and I didn’t have it. They ran my credit and said it wasn’t good enough. “I wrote an article about that”
  • Realized there were 24 hours in a day / 168 hours in a week / 730 hours in a month and 8760 hours in a year – Asked, “WTF am I doing to maximize this fact”
  • Created a Logo
  • Worked around the clock to create new articles, podcasts and videos for my new website The Comfort Killers Dot Com.
  • Went out fine dining – changing my mindset
  • Asked some random person to be featured on my podcast. Turns out this random person became a good friend and mentor. He is a millionaire. Runs his own digital marketing business and purchases multiple homes in Australia. I am currently trying to outgrow him.
  • Flew a plane.


  • Had 3 guest writers for The Comfort Killers website – here’s one, and one more and the other.
  • Interviewed FIVE Comfort Killers for Get Uncomfortable podcast
  • Started blending smoothies made of organic veggies and fruits for energy


  • Hitting the gym and focused on creating more energy
  • Quit smoking for 10 days (This is one of my new goal)
  • Gained 700+ followers on twitter.
  • Started a Facebook page currently at 336 followers
  • Ensured individuals know how much I appreciate my time. Basically means, I don’t just answer phone calls and text anymore when value exchange isn’t present. Plus, I hardly say YES to anything.
  • Confronted my finances
  • Confronted my taxes
  • Confronted my habits
  • Read 5 books.


  • Wrote articles for LinkedIn, Medium and Evan Carmichael
  • Made The Comfort Killers a household name
  • Acquired a business partner who is also an attorney AND a Comfort Killer
  • Learned much about habits


Stacy Cross

  • Started naturally waking up earlier
  • Started another company (Love&Burn)


  • Received funding
  • Received a call back from Tony Robbins’ people about a special for business mastery. I declined.
  • Created even bigger goals
  • Got a lawyer and formed the business structure
  • Received an offer to contribute to GCTV (Grant Cardone TV)
  • Created Webinar
  • Created Products – (T-Shirt, 2 webinars, e-book, wristbands)
  • Have an accountability partner that I speak to on a weekly basis
  • Started an email campaign
  • Started thinking specifically for my business
  • Created massive discipline
  • Built my network
  • Almost got an office space but turns out I didn’t need it so I backed out of it.


  • Created a logo sign for my wall created.

comfort killers sign wall

  • Met with beautiful minds and people in business for business. Relationships that I still foster each day.
  • Credit Score boosted +200 points when I confronted it.
  • Finances in order
  • Automated many business processes
  • Personal Coach to many individuals that love my style


  • Scheduled my life
  • Wrote 3 eBooks
  • Created massive authority in the self improvement space.
  • Kept it RAW and authentic 100% of the time

This is merely scratching the surface – There were many ‘other’ things that I did in the last 6 months but of course they are intangible. Many nights learning. Changing my mindset was one of the biggest and hardest part of my growth! I would love to talk with you more about it all.

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy Cross