The Genie in a Bottle is YOU!

Genie in a Bottle

The Genie in a bottle is YOU!

A cloud of fireless smoke, magical fairy dust and sparkles appear when the mythological genie emerges from a golden bottle that someone just rubbed with intent and purpose. This individual wants to be granted a wish – money, love, power, gold, all the beauty of the land, talent or looks. It so happens that the story usually ends with a stab wound: “Be careful what you wish for” – This is not my intent.

I took a deeper look into the story and wondered why a Genie would be the source to grant people’s wishes. Also, why did this Genie always seem to be lying dormant inside this bottle for years, centuries, or even a lifetime.

The word Genie, I believe derives from genes, “the basic physical and functional unit of heredity” – Let me dive deeper. Why does a giant that lies dormant inside a bottle, want to come out and get free – and grant wishes to the person who is “lucky” enough to rub it the right way!

We’ve been taught

I believe that we have been taught to look for Genies in places other than ourselves. As children, tradition has taught us to wish for things, look external and you may be the lucky ones to receive. Tradition has taught us to be careful about what we wish for because you never know what you will get.

I’ve heard people say, he is a genius. He is lucky to be born with great gifts as if the rest of us are stupid and unremarkable. These people have not fully recognized their own power and potential, creativity and authenticity. Even Merriam-Webster’s simple definition defines genius as a very smart or talented person.

I know tons of not so smart geniuses – some of these guys and gals didn’t even finish high school, but have made a grand life for themselves in philanthropy, service, business and family.

Let’s get deeper. The Latin name for the word spirit is, yep you guessed it, GENIUS. Which derived from the verb gignere meaning “to beget.” Over time, after the 16th century the meaning changed. We now substitute genius for words like Brainiac and Whiz.  Your stroke of Genius is waiting for you to stroke it, comfort killers!

Your Genie is Genius and your Genes are unique to you. Your Genius lies within and can always be tapped into when you are at a peak state of creativity, love, focus and beauty.

How Genuine are you? See killers, the word genuine is directly linked to the word Genius or to gignere meaning “to beget.” Do you see the connection?

When one is Genuine, you are true, authentic and original. You are operating from a place of spirit – a place of Genius. It’s in your GENETICS MAN!

Why should we look externally for power and wish grantors when we have everything inside to keep us attractive and prosperous? Why do you think we were told fables about the real power we possess? Each of us.

Whether you have your scientific goggles on or you are scoping from a spiritual perspective, it boils down to the same thing. It’s about being Genial!

Stacy – please stop. Your killing them.

The uniqueness of your genes, when you begin to study your genetics, find out that you’re a genius and operate genuinely because you are a total GENIE.

Genial is another big word, which again up rooted from the Latin word genialis which guess what? Stemmed from Genius!

Why is everything pointing back to Genius at this point? I’ll spill it! It is because we must always take it back to the Genesis!

The origin of you – who you are, the powerful creator you are, the most important thing on planet earth you are. Where did your power go? Why are we so weak now! Why do we conform and allow conventional wisdom to deteriorate our true self?

Remember, be who you are! You are a total genie in a bottle – Go ahead and grant your own desires and wants. Tap into creativity and power. Never let anyone tell you to be careful of what you might get. It’s not magic when it’s real!

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy Cross