Love and Grow with Change

Love and Grow with Change

Love and Grow with Change

On this week’s episode of Love and Grow with Change, Stacy and I discussed CHANGE. We focus on the business, and the relationship within the business.  Specifically, the changes that affect your business and your partnership, which are expected, but how can we be prepared?  When we discuss change the first thing that comes to mind was time, if the amount of time that you or your spouse, business partner or otherwise changes, their contribution may change, responsibilities may need to be shared, or maybe you need a volunteer, an intern, or an employee for the first time.

Many entrepreneurs start or still have a resource center to report to, a job.  Perhaps you have a child or need to become a caretaker, perhaps you get hurt and need an extended amount of time off.  These types of things start to determine the amount of time dedicated to your business or goals.  Maybe the change is an unexpected surge in clients or sales.  If you have to relocate or work another shift perhaps that causes an issue due to your industry, products, or audience.  You can’t say “I don’t have time!!” It’s your business and for many it’s a dream come true, you must have a plan to make sure you can move forward in your business by creating short and long term options and alternatives

We often speak about written agreements and documents that will protect you and your business.  We cannot always prepare for changes whether they are internal or external, but we can make it a part of the discussion and create options for ourselves and our partner’s to move forward, even when our “Plan” is shaken up.  Maybe the change is great for business but you just don’t know how to incorporate your new success into your current process and procedures.  I love when mentors in entrepreneurship say start from the end result or the bigger picture.  If you start looking at where you project things to go and what you would really like to see happen in your business, you can more easily create these “contingency” plans.

Have a meeting with your spouse or business partner every 3 months or so.  Discuss best and worst case scenarios that are relevant to the business at its current stage.  Decide, at least, the top 3 areas that will be affected.  Examples may include, finance management, order fulfillment, scheduling, speaking engagements, website and social media maintenance, editing, writing, or other administrative duties.  If you can think of it, plan for it.  How can you address them quickly, and who or what would you need to make it happen?  Should you be training someone, should you be training your partner, should you be partnering with a similar firm to enlist each other’s services if needed? Think outside the box, be resourceful.

If your biggest concern has to do directly with processes, create a booklet of reference sheets.  Have directions for your most common procedures, or techniques, not your everyday training manual but more like the tool you use when systems are down and you need to move right into a new sequence of getting tasks completed.  It’s less detailed and more of a crash course.  Think about it, if someone has to step in for you in an instant or what feels like an instant they need to know what to do right away, not sift through a 200-page manual.  Perhaps there are parts of the business that run well independently or are automated for a short period of time.  You then just need to focus on what truly needs attention, follow up, or accuracy!  It may be an uncomfortable situation to endure but having short-term and long-term solutions will reduce the stress or disruption that changes may cause you, your revenue, and your clientele.

Love and Grow with change and always remember why you started your business in the first place.  Tailor your back up plans to your organization or business needs.  Don’t let life be a bully, be prepared.

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Until next week, Remain Uncomfortable!