60 Failed Attempts to Create a 60 Second Video

What is Self Mastery - Comfort Killers

What is Self Mastery?

60 Failed Attempts to Create a 60 Second Video

Allow me to share a quick nugget about the “promo” that was recently published on GCTV. Anyone would think it’d be  easy to chop up 60 seconds of scripted video that welcomes the company to the Grant Cardone network.
Everyone knows how upsetting it would be to continuously keep failing over and over again.  I even began doubting my speaking ability. For three days straight I would try again. – Learning the words, reciting the script with a cool and calm delivery. I really thought I would have this back to my producers within a couple hours.
That was not the case at all. Self mastery and failure are relatable and almost inseparable.  I learned that self mastery was failure learned. By doing each take and finding mistakes in every one of them I began to learn about poise, breath control and eye control. Imagine if on the first take everything was solid and was ready for packaging?
 I also paid close attention to the smoothness of the last and final take and how easier it got for me. Self mastery was becoming a part of my goal.

The Comfort Killers values growth and expansion

That’s what self mastery is my killers. It is recognizing how failure can help advance growth and how other lessons are highlighted when you weren’t exactly looking for them.   I failed a bunch trying to create a 60 second video about something I am very passionate about. Without that failure however, I would not have been able to create this. Enjoy!
Remain uncomfortable,
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