Each day upon rising, I write down my goal, mission, target, and gratitude in my journal. By doing this simple task I receive tons of motivational cues on how I can add value.

How Can I Add Value to the Marketplace and the World

This morning I spoke to a 17 year old in Australia about personal development, business and value. I asked him towards the middle of the call if there was any way I can help him or support his growth in any way. His reply to me was beautiful, focused and significant. His response was, “the best way you can help me is by me helping you”

I totally love that! I took the time to write that quote down as I told him I would do. Adding value to some may mean going outside of your way to ‘do something’ – Don’t forget that being a good listener a value add. Most people won’t even do that. Have you watched a conversation lately? People cannot even look you directly in your eye during conversation, why is that? And then when you think you have their attention, they start fiddling with their phone, face, hair – they are busy bodies.

Another value add that I try to provide is something anyone can do at any point throughout the day, if they just take the time to acknowledge the need. Try to say something nice about the person you are in conversation with. Don’t fake it. There is something unique, special and awesome about each person, so this can be accomplished easily without the need to make up BS.

You will automatically provide value when –

1. You are ethical
2. You are transparent
3. When your goal and mission touches many people
4. Show gratitude
5. Communicate with clarity

Finally, try to build on the aforementioned 5 keys to Value to see what whats for you. Remember what my young friend quoted to me this morning, the best way for the world to provide value to me each day is for me to provide value to the world.

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy Cross