My Comfort Killers!

I’m going to dive in head first, no cap. The definition of the word “excuse” is the reason that you give to explain a mistake, bad behavior, etc. It also implies something  (such as a condition or set of conditions) that explains improper behavior and makes it acceptable.

I used to be full of excuses until I realized that it won’t do anything for me but make me look like a complaining ass whiner.

Let me share a story –

At the resource center (the airline I work for/with), many people miss their flights on a daily basis. On a few occasions they might have the pleasure of meeting me at the ticket counter instead of one of my agents.  These customers run up to the counter breathless and full of excuses about why they missed the flight and why we should warrant them a chance, free of charge, to find alternative options that’ll get them to their destination.

On one particular day, a slow walking gal comes up 1 hour after her flight departed. The very first thing she asks is, “Is the flight still here?” – I give a dumbfounded look. “What flight are you on?” I know the answer to my own question because she is either 5 hours early or 1 hour late. She confirms the latter.

“How can I get to San Juan today – The dumb traffic, the dumb Uber, the dumb everything” – I am in the business of teaching millions how to get uncomfortable and on that day I sold the hell out of that concept. “Ma’am?”, “Why were you really 1 hour late?” She gave me a look of pure shock as if I was out of my mind asking her a question like that. I asked again but this time, I threw in an incentive. “Ma’am, if you tell me the real reason you were late, I will rebook your flight for tonight for free and you will still be able to make your sister’s wedding” – The look of doom again. She went on to tell me about the traffic and how a friend didn’t do something, and about how she didn’t have money.

I looked her dead in her eyes again and restated: “If YOU tell me who the person is that created this situation for you, I will rebook your flight free of charge and you can save the day for your sisters wedding if and only if you are honest” She caught on. It was hard for her but she somehow mumbled that it was partly her fault. That wasn’t good enough for me.

“Ma’am, if you can tell me using your own words, that you just woke up 3 hours ago, didn’t pack .. stood up all night, got drunk and didn’t care about making a flight, I will rebook your ticket free of charge” – She was dead in shock. She started to laugh. She asked if I did this to everyone. Then she said, you’re right, I did stay up last night and I only packed my bags today and I did leave the house late.

Then I rebooked her ticket. 

Excuses don’t make you great and she didn’t have to tell me the truth at all – she is the customer, right? Here is the thing, I meet people everyday that is either winning or losing, great or ordinary, average or extraordinary, and I get sick and tired of listening to excuses all day long by folks that probably would be better off keeping their mouth shut. I get it. This is America and we are entitled to have an opinion. No one said that it had to be an excuse and no one ever achieved greatness by giving them to you.

Here is how you jump off the excuse train. – Jump head first, no cap. Jump like the train is going to explode any second, do it now and never board that train again. It will not  make you great. In fact, it makes you weak.

  1. Shut your mouth if its going to be an excuse. I rather just not hear it.
  2. Create behaviors that don’t allow for excuses. Get up early, leave early. If you’re late – apologize. That’s it.
  3. The traffic, the cop, the government, the UBER driver, the tree, the sun, your kids, your spouse, – These are not the cause of you not reaching your potential. Again, shut up.
  4. Be honest, be real and be direct.
  5. Your body language is an excuse.
  6. Get this webinar.
  7. Move away from people who make excuses – do not tolerate it.
  8. Society doesn’t mold you – tradition doesn’t mold you.
  9. Seek great people.
  10. Be conscious of what you are saying and what you are doing and how your actions align with your words. – Don’t be a punk.

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy Cross

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