When Your Targets Change Mid-Goal, How Do You Refocus Efforts?

You will not believe how many times I replanned the plan, refocused the focus and recharged my battery since starting this company 2/14/16.

My goal have changed so much, targets have rearranged themselves during combat during a time when the aim is totally different from the strategy already in place. How do you continue to pull triggers? How fast are you able to adapt and adjust your battle plan.

If you listen to my audio version of my goals since starting them you will hear how much they have changed since the beginning.  And now when I record this month’s goals they too will have a new focus.

So how is this done? For me all these changes take me closer to my mission. I make decisions based off of how it aligns with my mission. Sometimes you will lose focus and wonder if you are straying off route, but you musn’t lose sight of what the MISSION is. So in order to stay on top of changes during growth,  my friend you must have a mission!

My mission in life is to teach MILLIONS how to get uncomfortable. To think better, act better and live better. That is all I want to do.

All goals under that mission is outlined.

All targets for each goal is strategized.

All actions taken focus on targets. 

When targets change – a goal is reassessed. A question is asked. “Does this change affect my overall mission?” “Is it a positive change? A negative change?” “Does this change align with my mission, does it move me closer to it..faster?”

Let’s say one of my targets for example is, “Drive Traffic to My Funnel”  , Then something happens ( time, call, idea, event, meet, knowledge, offer, experience) which doesn’t allow me to “Drive Traffic to My Funnel” because I learned that there is more opportunity in locating and providing value to a wider audience. Now,  I need to change my target..  If I locate and provide value to a wider audience it will cancel out the need to focus on smaller targets for driving traffic to my funnel (facebook, twitter, reddit, word of mouth). Now that target as a whole is being handled by not being handled.

Then I ask again, “Does this change affect my overall mission?” No. My mission is still intact. It actually perpetuates me faster, wider, provides more depth.

You need a mission. – Your mission will not only keep you on track but it also provides the backdrop for all decision making. On the other side of the coin, if I wanted to, let’s say, create stunning websites because I got a lead.. and I wanted to see how to include it in my day to day business – it would require me going off my mission completely. Now I have to operate from new paradigm, obtain new plans, strategies and goals… I would be totally off. Doing things that moves me AWAY from my ultimate mission.

My mission is: I want to teach millions how to get uncomfortable, not provide a million website design. You see?

If your goals are changing its okay.

If you have to constantly adapt and adjust, you are probably doing better than most.

If you have to change your mission – you are OFF track. Figure out what is going on and get it DONE!

Remain uncomfortable,