The First 5 Steps to Succeed

The Comfort Killers
  • by The Comfort Killers Contributor
  • Jun 14, 2016
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Hey reader, you’ve come so far.

Can you remember all of the hardships you’ve passed through but still have survived?

All those moments were essential to build your strength and become who you are.

There’s more you want to achieve such a better financial condition, improve relationship with yourself and others, a healthier life, follow a productive lifestyle and obtain more knowledge.

Regardless of the current situation, you have to take action towards a solution.

It seems hard sometimes, but it’s even harder to do nothing while wasting opportunities. The time will pass by us (it flies fast) anyway.

I’d like to share a brief recipe (I’ve tried and is worth it) to reach the best you can:

  1. Start where you are
  2. Use what have
  3. Do what you can
  4. Be who you are
  5. Fall in Love, because Love is the key to Success

When you mentalize an improved version of this journey, an image is projected in the future and it’s in your hands to make it your reality.

My name is Lari Umeno, I’m a journalist/social media from Brazil, a Comfort ‘zone’ Killer and would like to invite you to be more and do more to gain more.
Give yourself the pleasure to be a masterpiece in the art of living.

You can do it!
Spread the message, give the example and enjoy the gifts life will offer.