On Episode 11 of Love and Grow we discussed Positivity and being in a positive state of mind.  Being positive in all areas of life is so important.  Positive thinking can effect your business and your happiness.  Negative thinking can also have an effect on your business and your happiness.  Usually when you start something you start it because you believe it will work,  you believe it will bring you joy, happiness, abundance, a new schedule, new associates or connections.

Just all good things! Then, you begin your process to start or grow your business and things don’t move as fast as you expected, money doesn’t flow as much as your forecast showed it should, people aren’t gravitating to your ideas the way you envisioned!  Now what?

Well as with anything else in life you are going to think about it!! You can choose to think positively or negatively and your results will show it.  If you think negative, you attract negativity! If you think positive you allow yourself the opportunity to clearly think of new ideas, you allow yourself to be open to people in your network that support you.  You will attract positive influence to your situation.  While positivity does not allows equal clarity, I truly believe they go hand in hand.

In my own experience, when I allow situations, circumstances, or unfortunate outcomes to rattle me or get me all”razzle dazzled” the outcome involves way more stress, anxiety, and usually ends with a bad decision! Not worth it at all.  While it is not easy to do, there are ways you can practice and train your mind.  Basically catching the negative thoughts, acknowledge them and then replace them with a positive thought.  You should try it daily, if someone cuts you off on the road, just take a deep breath before you start throwing F bombs and fingers.

It is not worth the minute of stress you give yourself.  Think about it, if you cut someone off by accident or make a bad turn and someone reacts negatively, are you thinking about it all day? Probably not, so what was the point? There wasn’t one, just anger that did not resolve anything or change what just happened.  I like to just remember that I do not know what other people are dealing with or going through at that moment.  Those type of things are easy to “let go”.

What if the issue is bigger and directly  effects your business or employment.  Can this positive thinking transfer, of course! In business, especially when working with a partner or group of people, there should  be a process in place to resolve potential issues.  Making a substatial decision as a group can sometimes be quite daunting and uncomfortable.  Instead of screaming over what you disagree about, wait a few minutes, a few hours, or a few days to discuss.  Write it down all of your ideas, have an inside voice policy if necessary.  Just make sure that you organize and focus on the growth and best interest of your company! Continue to Love and Grow!

Until Next Time!