Set Your Intention and Focus on Direction!

June is a HUGE month for the Comfort Killers brand and I am happy to have the opportunity to share with you why today. Before I tell you why, please give me an opportunity to express gratitude to all service men and women who continue to make America the best place on earth. It is truly because of them that I sit here today, able to boot up my laptop and engage and exchange in business.

Where else on planet earth does the opportunity to create, express and receive come so easily? Where else on earth can you be born into poverty, make something of yourself and leave a legacy? Where else can you openly voice your opinion without worry or shame. I am sure you can do what I mentioned in most places on earth but I am an American and there’s no better place to flourish than here, than in The United States of America. #AmericaBeenGreat

That brings me to my point of setting your intention and focus on direction which is something I really started to trust back in February. It really began when I walked out of a seminar on Valentine’s Day. I made up my mind then that I would 100% focus on me and my business with me being the business. Then, I consumed all material in my path that made sense of how I felt. Books on business, books on confidence and power, books on sales and start-up and books on how to write a book. Then I wrote my first eBook. Things started to fall in place for me – it felt super easy and super right. It was real — Listen to the rest! This article has an audio version. Click Play Below. 


Forever free,

Stacy Cross