Sacrificing Instant Gratification For Your Goals!

I will put this out there right now for everyone to witness and for myself to document. I sacrifice FUN. I sacrifice receiving instant gratification because I made it very clear that I want more out of life, myself and achievement. That is why I implore you to get serious about where you want to be because it may be difficult coming from the space you currently are in. What do I mean? First let me share a quick story about yesterday.

Follow me on Snapchat because my story is definitely telling of who I am and want to become. Yesterday a friend sent me a private chat of her and her girlfriend on a plane headed to Florida for a “quick vacation.” I replied to the snap obviously happy for them and stated that they are always on some beach and maybe I am not working hard enough. These girls are always doing something fun and their photos always extend that excitement. Her response back to me was, “Stacy you need to get out more.” It kinda floored me because she was right. I spend entirely way too much time in my home office and working on my businesses. She got me cornered. I sat and thought about that and even pondered shutting everything down, zipping up the beach trunks, jumping on a flight and doing it myself. Then my reality hit me. She was only half right.

I responded back to her snap in a hurry, “I don’t want to sit on the beach for a weekend, I want to see the ocean forever” Gary Vee said it the best to sum this scenario:

garyNow I really understand that I am working now for the life I want later. I am paying the price now so I can pay the price later. I don’t want instant gratification, I rather ultimate domination. A beach in Florida or on some Caribbean island looks very different than the beaches of Temae and Teavora, Moorea, French Polynesia or Australia. What am I saying here? We can do average things, we can want it bad for a weekend and then fall back into an average routine that will high five your failing will power. My will power is not a statistic. There are certain things that I do that really is boring as fuck! For example, writing this blog or updating some specific plugin for this website or adding a new product to, – boring as hell. Who wouldn’t rather be on the beach for a weekend and just unwind, relax and let it all go. Me that’s who. There is a certain discipline that I want to build in order to really set hardcore work ethic behavior in motion. This is how I am motivated folks. Again, I implore you to say NO to your friends. If it’s too hard and your feeling like your missing out then think ahead in the future just like I did. Here is how I quickly came to my senses.

I have A, B, C and D to accomplish today. They probably will spend $1000.00 and stay in a shitty hotel and be drunk as shit by the end of today. I would have invested in my brand, company and myself that will allow me in the near future to make $50,000 monthly (one of my short term goals). As I was thinking this, the door knocked: “BOOM” “BOOM” “BOOM”

It’s an old man carrying a broom, shovel and weed whacker. “Hey, noticed your yard and was wondering if you needed it cleaned up a bit” –
Me: How much
Him: $35

My yard was shitty looking. Definitely not as scenic as a beach but it’s my view! It’s my space to be grounded and feel mother nature’s creativity.

Me: Get it done!

See! I hate being stereotypical but it looks like his friends and associates rather go to the bar on this beautiful Saturday afternoon, especially with all that basketball going on. This guy could hardly walk and he’s out here knocking on doors and doing a service. He is probably upset at himself for starting this late in life but he should be happy because guess what, he made a sacrifice. Just before he got done sweeping up my sidewalk he said to me, “Man, I still think I can make $200.00 before the end of the day”


You have to start being a creator and leaving that consumer life behind for a bit. You have got to start really putting in some work and watch how people try to sway it. They will say, “you’re doing too much, you’re not living” – How do they know? Keep hustling, keep working and,

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy Cross