Meet Stacy Cross, Motivational Speaker and YOUR Coach!

Meet Stacy Cross
  • by Stacy Cross
  • May 23, 2016
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Meet Stacy Cross.

My name is Stacy Cross, 34 years old. I am an entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, and web-design and life expert. I am currently living in Philadelphia, PA. USA and work in management with a prominent U.S based airline.

When I am not at the resource center (The Airline), I am busy working to earn my freedom by creating and building my company – The Comfort Killers. My mission in life is to teach MILLIONS how to get uncomfortable. By making this my life purpose my goals are to create abundance through relationships, products, and resources.

I failed a bunch and learned a bunch in the process. I learned that when I continued to do the same things over and over it resulted in the achieving the same things over and over (good or bad). I decided to change the activities I was doing to receive a different result. The desired result I want now is success, growth and improvement. Personal and self-improvement is high on the scale for my goals and purpose. I am always looking for better.

I live with my partner and girlfriend, Shivhon who has supported my growth and is starting to grow on her own due to my influence. My products are created for people who are on their own journey and want to achieve a positive result whether, happiness, success, love, wealth, career, and health – abundance.

I am ready to learn everything I can. Duplicate what works and eliminate what doesn’t. I want to leave the resource center and my goal is to do it in one year.

I am Stacy Cross and I am a millionaire, I am just waiting for the check to clear.

Remain Uncomfortable,

Stacy Cross