Last week on Love and Grow I rolled solo without my partner by my side. I decided to touch on plug-ins and websites.  Making the changes to your website that are necessary to enhance the features, abilities, and functionality are usually made possible by using plug-ins.  While there are many ways to set your website apart from the rest, it is always important that your back end operations and front end options are in the best interest of your brand and business offerings.  This may differ when it comes to the type of business you run.

If you are a retailer you will want to have the ability to manage stock and reach customers via mailing lists, and organize information.  If you are a consultant you may want to have enhanced forms that clients can complete on your site.  Perhaps you need to track traffic data (which is standard for most websites) but maybe you want that information to download or store differently for the broader purpose in your business.  I could go on and on but the bottom line is there are so many options and it can become overwhelming.

My suggestion is that before you design your website or choose a website builder make a list of everything you want it to do and every task you plan to perform with it.  Having this list, you can then research the website providers and hosting companies to ensure the options you are choosing can accommodate your needs with the basic template and plug in options.  Before you go for what’s free and cheap reach for what works.  If you are dissatisfied, do not be afraid to make a change.  You are making a choice that will be better for your business and your customer and client base in the future.  If you are unclear of the next steps to take to explode your business to the next level with your website there are professionals that can help.  There are also many books and articles that can give you step by step direction.  Technology is sophisticated enough for you to have all the bells and whistles!

Next week on Love and Grow Stacy and I are going LIVE! We will be live on Facebook for our 10th episode.

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