Love and Grow with Schedules

On this weeks episode of Love and Grow Stacy and I discussed schedules and the importance of time management for business relationships involving partners, family members, or friends you run your business with.

It is important that in addition to managing time you also manage your goals, responsibilities, and priorities together as it concerns your business.  Setting monthly goals allows you to manage your weeks and days better.  While you have room to make adjustments you know that the items for the month must be completed within the month.  Don’t make exceptions, just get it done!

An example for a monthly goal list could be the following:

  • Complete website
  • Apply for Licenses/Permits
  • Create an Email Marketing Ad
  • Meet with Security Company
  • Meet with Lawyer

None of these are “one and done” there are steps required, those steps should be spread out through the weeks in the month, in the most effective order.  List tasks with sub categories. Trust me, you will love crossing them off as you move along!  This works for established businesses, new businesses or when developing business ideas.  You have research to conduct, documents to gather, appointments and phone calls to make.  This all requires time, time that you should schedule for yourself and other team members to complete.

The best part of working with your loved ones is having full reign to keep them accountable and vice versa.  Support each other!

Your schedule should include meetings as often as you need.  Stacy and I meet for business weekly at a scheduled time for about 3 hours.  You may have different needs but should still meet to reflect, review, plan, and make solid decisions that will impact your business.  Do we discuss business outside of our scheduled meeting? Of course we do! However, if our schedule does not permit it, we know we always have the secured meeting to follow up.  Effective meetings can be in person, by phone, online using a meeting application, FaceTime or Skype.  You just have to remain current with your tasks and always make it happen.

You may also consider a program like Basecamp or SharePoint  to keep your team up to date with projects.  Calendar sharing is also a great way to track all of your meetings, appointments and other plans.  The information can be shared with whoever you want and you all can have the access to add, delete or make changes to the schedule. Google Calendar is always an option.  In addition to scheduling your time I believe it is important to keep yourself organized, there are productivity tools for this if you love to keep a paperless office, if you have both paper and online filing make sure you are securing your important information, files, and client information.  Be sure you have a process to back up online files and know how to retrieve them if something goes wrong.

There are many ways to manage your time, don’t be overwhelmed by all the options.  Just choose one or two that will work for you and utilize them to maximize your efficiency.  Stacy often recommends the Weekly Rhythm Register from Darren Hardy we use this and it is a great reference for the week.  It can be useful for business and personal tasks.

Read more about time on The Comfort Killers website.  Don’t let time run you, run with your time!  You should always make time for what matters most in your life.  If you are not spending the time that you have taking steps that will provide desired outcomes you must then take full responsibility for the results or lack there of!  Keep Loving and Growing and schedule wisely!