I am totally, 100%edly addicted to SUCCESS.

My definition of success may be different from yours, matter of fact, I know it is. My definition is me getting up everyday with enough energy to power the planet. I use this energy to write my goals down, blend up a smoothie, take a cold ass shower and hit the ground running. My idea of success is me not complaining about anything and being ultra grateful for everything and I mean everything that I experienced and will experience now and in the future. You know what this means? This means, all good things that happen are successes and ALL the bad things that happen through me are just as successful. Why? Cause I learn from them.

You’re not addicted to failure? I am. Because I know that by being successful, I welcomed failure. I take risks. My definition of success is investing money, time, resources in my education and not waiting on a single soul to provide me with solutions. I am successful because I AM the goddamn solution. I look within. Success is looking and finding the power within that will punch fear in the face. You want to know what I believe success is?

Success to me is going to bed with the feeling of power. That I did everything that I know should have been done! I am successful because I believe I am. I am already a billionaire because I KNOW I am. I am simply waiting for my check to clear at the bank. Success is not a pretty house on top the hill, bro. Success is dirty, muddy, hard ¬†and stinky. Success is being about whatever you say your about. Success is getting shit done ahead of time and on time. You can’t procrastinate success. You can’t fake it.

Success to me is saying no AND it’s saying yes. Saying yes to you and your dreams. Saying NO to experiences, tasks and activities that don’t align. Every day I am successful. Why are you not? I absolutely will CUT someone off for saying the wrong things to me. Bringing their bullshit problems in my universe. Being negative or simply just for undermining themselves. People don’t make you successful. Things don’t make you successful. THINK makes you successful. What’s on your mind lads?

Think I give a shit about what people think about me. What I portray in a universe they are scared to play in. People are scared of a game they can create. Scared to be the ref, scared of other players, scared of change. My strength is in change. Don’t ask me shit you already know. I am an expert and its sad to see how people don’t think they are too.

What’s wrong with America? What’s wrong with wanting more out of life. What is wrong with this shit right here? It’s broken. But I made the choice. Instead of fighting with a machine that is broken and obviously worthless. I build my own machine, with the parts I feel need to be on it. That is why I cut out cable. I told those assholes at COMCAST that I don’t want it. Can you do that? Can you be that extreme for success? Can you shit on tradition?

I created my own game… and made me the centerpiece, centerfold, superstar, kingpin, almighty, G-O-D. That last one hurt a lot of folks. Because they are so tied into the fabric of what someone else told them. “OH STACY! YOU CAN’T SAY THAT”.. “It’s against religion and political correctness, and corporate America, and our family traditions and my ass..” See, the difference between my success and your success is the destination. Someone asked me, “Stacy, What would you do if you won the lottery. 350 Milly. The BIG ONE?” I told them, I don’t want to win it. And that’s real. Fuck the lottery. You didn’t earn it and you don’t have the knowledge to keep it. Same with success. You gotta earn this thing, baby! You can’t fake it. You gotta get your Nike’s dusty as fuck. You gotta get serious about winning and achieving. You gotta drink water. You gotta say YES and then again, you gotta say NO!

What’s your idea of success? I’m interested. Not because I am interested but I am interested to know if you even thought about it. I respect Comfort Killers. Those that make me cringe at their action levels and demand of myself to double it. I am focused on SUCCESS, addicted even. If you are ready… join me!

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy Cross