Let me take a second to introduce myself-  my name’s Jim and I have been a Comfort Killer all of my life.  I just wasn’t aware until I started to listen the one and only Stacy Cross!

I am excited to join this quickly growing team and community of Comfort Killers.  A big thanks goes to Stacy for inviting me!

I am a simple guy so I like to see if I can improve one thing a day.  I encourage you to do the same.

Today I want you to start being assertive in meetings.  Yes,  those boring and long meetings that can be worse than a dentist appointment.

Tip:  Always go into any meeting with 3 positives and 3 negatives about the direction of your organization.  In addition,  pick three actions that would improve the organization.

See-  many of us come into meetings not prepared to present.  But you need to present your ideas and actions in a group to move up the organizational ladder.

Dont wait to be called upon – insert yourself into the conversation.  Be assertive and courageous.

I promise that when you start to play an active role in a meeting they will no longer be boring or long.  Try it today!