On a daily basis we are destroying comfort here!  One of the biggest sources of comfort that must be targeted is our enemy Physical Comfort.

Think about what you have right now –  air conditioning,  heat,  running water, a roof over your head.  These are all great things but relying too much on them will make us weak.

My tip for today is to find one Physical Comfort to attack-  just one- and go after it hard.

I recently had the honor to run in the Boston Marathon.  This physical challenge helped push me out of my comfort zone and I learned a lot about myself:

  1. Daily Training:  Conquering a physical comfort can take us time to do.  For me,  the constant pounding of my sore feet each day put my challenges at work in perspective.  “If I can do this 7 mile run-  that report will be a breeze!”
  2. “19 Mile Feeling”:  Once you hit 19 miles in the marathon many runners face a “wall.”  The thrill of the start is over and you are way past half way-  still you have 7.2 miles before completion!  For me,  the 19 mile mark can be brutal and is a huge mental challenge.  That’s the beauty of conquering a physical comfort-  you are killing mental barriers as well.
  3. The Finish:  There is nothing like finally finishing that 26.2 miles!  I promise you that you will feel a huge natural high when you conquer your own physical challenges.  The finish will give you strength –  both emotionally and mentally to attack other challenges you have in your day.

Remember- Humans are meant to be outside and to use our bodies.  We are happier when we get the chance.

What physical challenge are you taking on today?