As a child I was always very shy.  I refused to speak up in class.  I mumbled a response when another student tried to talk to me.

That only changed when I moved high schools and faced with a whole new group of kids.  I continued my shyness initially – I was terrified! As a result,  nobody paid me any attention.

One day I decided to step up and introduce myself in class.  How could it hurt?

Now here is the trick-  I made sure that I always had interesting/unique things to say. I refused to say “average” comments to the teacher’s questions.

After class I continued to gain attention by reaching out to others.

I learned a good lesson those years-  court attention at all costs!

If a boring fella like myself can become interesting –  so can you!

  1. Read multiple books at one time.  Biographies and history!
  2. Keep up to date on the news.  Just turn on the radio for five minutes.
  3. Have an opinion on everything.  This is key!
  4. Get involved in new activities.  Could be as simple as volunteering!

To be successful in life, people have to know you.  If you are boring, nobody will want to know you.  Work at it and you will be able to gain attention anywhere you go!

– Jim Freedom