I think we spend too much time trying to get it right, when that time should be spent  getting it done! You can still probably find a typo or two in my eBook, The Comfort Killers Handbook because I sped wrote that book with no shame. I made it my goal to dominate the task of writing a book and so with that came hand cramps, mistakes, and almost 20,000 words. That is DOMINATION. If I were concerned with getting it ‘right’ then none of this would be possible – my website, my book, the company, the experience. This “Untitled Post” is about going for it without guidelines or structure holding your creativity back. I mean it! You should always find an avenue to let loose in. My way to let loose is in writing!

I believe that most of us do not act because we fear failure or worse, what others may think or say about us. If you have feel the need to be concerned with how others portray you then you might need to find your self esteem and boost your confidence. I will help you with these things in my new online platform. Comfort Killers 360.  You will have an opportunity to take courses, get coaching, and best of all get busy towards your goals.

The 360 program will bring you full circle in health, wealth and happiness and I am sourcing the best of the best that will help support massive growth! Remember you have to be UNTITLED more times than not. You have to be rusty and rough around the edges in order to define what needs to be worked on and polished. Life is too easy to sit around and figure out – we are making it much harder than it needs to be.

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy Cross

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