Pivots and Heartbreaks.

  • by Stacy Cross
  • Apr 14, 2016
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Happy Thursday!

I have a wicked schedule today and hope to achieve everything on it! I am totally restless because 1. I quit smoking on Monday and I don’t know how to act and 2. I just have too much shit to get done today. Fitness, podcast, Love and Grow show, Sales Webinar, Real Estate Webinar. My day is JAMMED PACKED which brings me to a question. Are you doing enough? Are you pivoting and causing heartaches to your friends and family. I am entirely too ENERGETIC today and I might need a chill pill. But I know for a fact I am not doing nearly enough.

Last night we had a business meeting right here in the comfort killing zone. The topic was “Income Stream” and “Outlet” for one of our businesses selling a pretty awesome product. I wanted to get it going by vendor, she wanted a store, I want to test the market cap and she wanted a website. I wanted to just do it and she wants a plan. We finally came up with a golden action plan and now we are ready for the heartbreaks and aches. The bottom line is – it is going to take some time. Time is our enemy and friend at the same time. I want you to take major action today. Do something that will seem out of the norm because other people fear failure.  Remember keep your calendar full or someone else will. Write your goals down or someone else will write them for you.

My entire household has stopped smoking cigarettes – I am an influential person because I change hard and fast. If you want to keep up do it. If you want to cry about change, then do that too. Understand though that there are plenty of heartbreaks in your journey..more pain, struggle and heartaches than you can imagine. I rather eliminate some on my own now –  This has been a true Stacy Rant.

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