I just got done reading an article on esquire.com titled, 4 Men with 4 Very Different Incomes Open Up About the Lives They Can Afford – which spawned this post which may be uncomfortable for you to read and for me to write. Let’s just get this out of the way right now before moving on any further, there are poor white people and there are poor black people, same thing about wealthy, and same goes for any other social criteria known and unknown. Look, if you don’t get over this white man, government and entitled mentality, you will never know what the other side of money looks like. The side that has more…not the side that is evil or shifty.

The article was truly telling about mindset more than it was about 4 Men with 4 Different Incomes – The word incomes should be replaced with the word mindset. The new title should be read, “4 Men with 4 Very Different Mindsets” – I am not going to tell you word for word what the article was about because I encourage you to go read it for yourself and draw up your own conclusion. What I really wanted to highlight in my space was the shit show taking place in the comment section after the article.

Spend no time consumed with the negativity though – you’re better off reading the article and learning how much you need to change your mindset if you feel that the world is holding you down and your drowning in debt, bills and problems. The difference between an average earner and a high income earner is simple – it’s not where they are from or their race, color or creed, it is simply how they respond and produce results for themselves. What is wrong here is that the person (black or white) that is living on the poverty line or maybe perhaps under it sees the world from a different scope – I will share with you how this person views money, debt, and other financial obligations – then we will take a look at how the other side (not the other color) views the same.

Poverty mindset:(my response in RED)

The Poverty Line (Or: $7 An Hour Plus Tips) – Demetrius Campbell, 25

Location: Chicago

Occupation: Bar-back at the Signature Lounge in the John Hancock building

Family status: Single with two daughters, 7 and 4

Monthly rent: 30 percent of income through antipoverty nonprofit Heartland Alliance

Do you keep a budget? No, but I have been working on trying to recently. I know I have to pay bills for food, for clothes, gas. It’s a lot of things that go into budget­ing. It’s hard to plan for, be­cause you never really know what you’re going to need to spend money on. And the amount of money I make var­ies, because I work different hours. The biggest two-week check I’ve had so far is $250. (MINDSET – MINDSET – MINDSET)

What’s a weekly grocery bill for you? In a week, about $130 to $140—that’s when I have the money to spend. I’m on food stamps, and I get $400 a month through EBT.

One thing your family needs but can’t afford: I don’t really think about stuff like that. I just try to make do with what I have. I feel like I’m just working to pay for the bills. I don’t even have time to spend with my family—to take them out to certain places. (Making do with what you have is a poverty mindset. It’s a shitty attitude to have towards your goals and finances. You don’t have time to spend with your family but you’re hardly working enough! – Your family needs FREEDOM and MONEY)

One thing you want but can’t afford: I’d buy a newer-model car. And every time those commercials come on TV—the Pillow Pets—my kids always ask for those. It’s discouraging, having to tell them all the time that we can’t afford things. (Here goes again, this guy is watching TV when he should be sourcing new income and finding a way out of poverty. If not for him but for his KIDS. He wants to buy a newer-model car but not worried about purchasing something that will have an ROI – crazy shit. )

The last thing you bought that required serious plan­ning: I bought a TV—a Black Friday deal. It’s a Vizio 39-inch. I paid like $250. I had to work for it. I saved up. (A TV takes serious planning? It wouldn’t even be bad if this person bought $300 worth of multi level marketing products to get extra income. This guy’s problem isn’t that he can’t afford it – it’s understanding that he doesn’t NEED it) 

Read full article on esquire here.

Abundance mindset:

$250,000 Per Year – Yakov Villasmil, 41

Location: Miami

Occupation: Real Estate Agent

Family Status: In a relationship; one son, 10 years old

Monthly rent: $2,000

Do you keep a budget?  Yes, I’m very organized with it. Overall, my fixed expenses are about $7,000 a month. They include rent and about $1,000 a month for transportation, $180 a month to the cleaning lady, $200 for gas for the vehicle, and a handful of little things—$300 a month for Netflix, Pandora, Skype, subscriptions like that.

What’s a weekly grocery bill for you?  I would say about $200 a week.

One thing your family needs but can’t afford: Nothing.

One thing you want but can’t afford: I’m a fan of watches, and there’s a Cartier that just came out that’s about $10,000. It’s not that I can’t afford it; it’s just not a priority right now.

The last thing you bought that required serious plan­ning: I spend money traveling every year, and that’s something I put some thought into. Last December, I went to Austria, Slovenia, and Italy.

Do you have credit cards? Fifteen.

How much debt are you carrying now? $7,700 on one card, and it should be paid off by the end of the month.

Saving for retirement? I am saving, but not for retirement. I’m saving up to buy an apartment building, which will give me another stream of income. My money is all in play right now to make more money. The kind of life that I want to live when I retire is not one I have to manage by having, you know, a million dollars and 3 or 4 percent [interest]. It’s not going to happen.

I am sure you can see the differences. They are so big its scary. And I am telling you right now, ITS not a BLACK or WHITE thing. It really boils down to mindset. That is why I am so focused on ensuring my mindset continues to shift towards abundance, prosperity, health, action, strength, power and creativity. I am not on the poverty line so I can’t speak about that person but the mindset which could be developed with some work is WHY I built my Comfort Killer business. Its about what you do and what you strive. It’s not about who you are voting for or what music you like. That’s all petty bullshit in the grand scheme of your life. In 8 more years there’s another primary to argue and speculate about, new people in the music industry, new movies to watch, different places to visit… there’s continuous change and growth in the world. It’s YOU who may be stuck in the same place, talking about the same thing with the same people in your small circle of trust. Expand my friend.

If you think it’s about color, race, sexual preference, creed, religion and not about goals, action, commitment then I feel sorry for you. But I also know that sometimes you needed an article like this to challenge your comfort zone and expand your thinking. I am here.. we are here. Comfort Killers.

Remain uncomfortable,


**Block Quote cited from: http://www.esquire.com/lifestyle/money/a44086/four-men-four-numbers an article on Esquire.com by David Walters **