I’m in the market for a microphone.

  • by Stacy Cross
  • Mar 03, 2016
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Good morning, -yet another morning up without an alarm @ 0530- Feeling great!

Yesterday Shivhon and I took a ride to “best buys” (how it came up in our GPS app Waze) to purchase audio/podcasting equipment. I needed a decent professional mic, which I had my fair share of years ago as a recording artist in my home studio. All I am left with since the good ol’ days of owning mixers, mics, and headphones is a bag full of RCA cables and maybe a quarter inch adapter. Either way, Best Buy seemed like the best place to go to get the job done. I was totally shocked after not walking into this particular big box store for at least a year, minimum. I was shocked. First off, I remember working for Radio Shack when I was about 20 or something and we used to love when customers came walking through the front door. The reason partly being because they were few of them that wanted anything other than batteries and the other reason is because we were all commissioned base so you had better be on your feet and ready to go. Radio Shack was my first actual ‘sales job’

So here we are walking through the front door only to stare at some greeter on his iPhone with a dry ass “Hello” – “Need any help?” .. No bro, we don’t. But in reality we needed TONS of help. The cellphone center is now the focus of Best Buy. Second, are the television sets. It was as if I was out of touch with human things. We bothered a young sales associate to point us into the direction of microphones. Her face was the most confused when she answered back to us, “What? Microphones?” I said, “Yep, you know the things you record into?” She obviously needed more assistance. She ran to a couple of her colleagues in the house appliance section and they shared a quick answer. The associate pointed us to the furthest corner of the store behind house appliance – to a shelf of rejects. You know the shelf I am talking about? The one with razors, electric tooth brush, some old xbox games and waaalaa, 1 Blue MIC (the only brand) for 129.00. Talk about market share.

I told Shivhon how dumb I felt because we should have went straight to the PC/computer section – “duh, mics would surely be there” – We were sadly mistaken .. we forfeited and asked the geek. He told us that microphones were only sold online now. Bummer. — I spun around and said forget this, let’s go to Sam Ash or Guitar Center.

Upon walking out the Best Buy door, nothing in hand, I saw a little store way off in the corner named “PC/COMPUTER REPAIR” with a dreary “open” neon sign flickering in the sun. I began wondering how many of those business are only surviving in a time like this. Especially being less than 30 feet next door to the giant monopoly – Best Buy. Then I thought of my own history, being a complete computer geek in the mid-90s. Carrying my broken and hacked desktop, win 95 PC to a store just like this one. Then I thought how business have changed and almost unrecognizable. The online business is a core business now.. people buy buildings to just show off! I started to think about my businesses and how I want to succeed both online and offline as a person and do the right thing for my customers, for my family and business partners and for myself.

It’s a beautiful world out there and I don’t even have a microphone! – Update part two will come. Today I am heading to the MUSIC STORE!

Remain uncomfortable,