Tuesday to Tuesday Rundown – Incremental Success and Growth During my Journey!

  • by Stacy Cross
  • Mar 30, 2016
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Another Tuesday, another week in the books. I will try to remain consistent with weekly updates to share exactly what I accomplished or didn’t and why. This is my open journal to you and myself to make evidence the progress.

Last week I was tormented by a dry socket during the healing of a pulled wisdom teeth. I wanted so bad to just take pills and knock everything out. I visited my dentist two times, both for treatment of the dry socket and follow up and progress from surgery. This could have dampened my week but I was able to suck it up and continued my growth!

From my success page:

  • Despite of my oral surgery, I got my ass up and continued my routine.
  • Worked on weekly finances with Shivhon and created one passive income stream from an area of opportunity that was already there. We invested +$400.00 as a result into our freedom account.
  • Currently taking business courses towards my business management degree which I am completing for FREE
  • Created website for Comfort Killers TV and Media Production
  • Created logo for Comfort Killers TV and Video Intro [see it here]
  • Enjoyed receiving the highest score for a communication course I am currently enrolled in. The assignment asked of me to use one word to describe my past, one word for my present and one word for my future. The three words I used were, explorer, specific and intrinsic.
  • My morning routine is getting even stronger as I continue to wake between 430-530 without using an alarm.
  • Invested in more self development and education. Webinar and audio books.
  • Started another week of same gym routine.
  • Wrote the outline of a new eBook I am working on. The eBook’s topic will be about fitness.
  • My surgery pain subsided, allowing me to complete more tasks without quit.
  • Wrote many articles daily for the website.
  • Created and followed a dedicated timeline for publishing podcasts.
  • Met and interviewed an awesome person from my area doing wonderful things, his name is Richard Sutton and I edited it into a podcast show. [listen here]
  • Learned and research more about my market. It’s a 9.6 Billion dollar industry (AWESOME)
  • Gained roughly 80+ new Facebook likes and growing my online presence there.  Now having roughly 200 followers.
  • Defined my goal and mission and write it down everyday.
  • Made and drank 50% more smoothies throughout the week.
  • Crushed it at the resource center – day in and day out.
  • Started using Snapchat (add: stacyacross)
  • Shivhon and I taking necessary action for our newly formed business which we have HUGE plans for. Our first batch of products arrive this week.

Hopefully next week is filled with even more growth, success and power! Thank you all.

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy Cross

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