Tuesday to Tuesday: Run Down!

  • by Stacy Cross
  • Mar 16, 2016
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Hey Comfort Killers.

This post is to bring you into my world of success and comfort killing – to show you exactly what I have done in the past week.
This is going to require me sharing my inner most doings, things that take place when the video stream is off and when the doors are closed. I have no shame. Each week I will share my exactness.

  • MLM company representative was invited in my home to share her side of the wonderful world of MLM and to somehow bring me in. I watched a DVD presentation on my own computer and internet connection. She gave me a few sample products (protein shake and coffee). The protein shake was sugary sweet which won’t work for me but the coffee was great. I explained to the rep that I needed time to decide using my 3-question approach.
  • Research buying cars at auction and selling them. Decided quickly that I will not be adding car dealership as another income stream.
  •  Published podcast discussing Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and shared its upside.
  • Gained 300+ followers on my twitter page.
  • Add Aweber campaign for my followers on my mailing list.
  • I needed a haircut then I saw this!  Why people need to change their environment. 
  • Set the intention of going to Tony Robbins’ Business Mastery Workshop August 17-21st 2016 in Vegas. This costs only $15,000 which I don’t have right now but plan to obtain by any means necessary. I have a session today with my business coach.
  • Started my GYM routine and this weekend I will start the eBook detailing this routine!
  • Created engagement on facebook which includes morning status updates and video!
  • Read a good portion of Charles Duhigg’s “The Power of Habit” then published this.
  • Defined my specific daily goals, weekly goals and yearly goals.
  • Opening the door to join master mind group lead up by someone prominent in the coaching industry.
  • Eating more veggies, drinking more water, taking my vitamins and getting up EARLY!

Great week but I want to CRUSH this next week  – Tuesday to Tuesday. See you soon killers.

Stacy Cross