Hey world! Its a beautiful thing to publish a post from my mobile phone, standing outside looking up at the makes the essence of this chosen direction all the best.

There’s something important I want to share with my readers ..I want to touch on this topic briefly and then head to bed. The topic is SLEEP. I used to crush it all hours of the night but after awhile I realized that I was killing myself and my body. Lack of sleep is the greatest inefficiency, right up there with drugs.

Last week I found the exactness of this theory after staying awake for almost 40 hours working on my website and approving logos. It took me three whole days to recoup and regain full stregnth and awareness. Dont get me wrong however…being an entrepreneur, your days will run into next days and tomorrow’s night. I get it. But somehow I know that your mind will be more effective when you catch some Zz’s.

Your cells need to regroup and rebuild themselves during rest. Your mind requires adequate rejuvenation everyday. Think about how well you focus when your dead tired..your a zombie and your thought pattern is fogged. My schedule at the resource center includes two 0500 a.m shifts which I just started to take control over since Friday. I remember going to bed at midnight and waking up at 0430 dragging my ass, sluggish and powerless. Now with my new sleep regiment an alarm is not needed.

I hit the sack between 7-8p and wake up naturally, energetic without external mechanisms between 2-3 a.m. Upon waking I drink water or a small cup of coffee and get to work on my self development. I trained myself to accomplish this sleepful lifestyle which I encourage you to have. It’s magical even.

Go to bed and remain uncomfortable,