Massive Action and Hate!

  • by Stacy Cross
  • Mar 07, 2016
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Hey Comfort Killers,

It’s going to be tough when you decide to take massive action towards your goal. People are going to wonder why your doing it, how your doing and then, identify everything they think your doing wrong. I spoke about the ‘N’ word today in this podcast, I spoke about eliminating negativity so that you can obtain and achieve your golden life. Then I walk over to Facebook to see hate right on my doormat. Some dude commenting, “this is a scam” – The only scam I see is grown men sharing hate! – I’m going to get it but here is the thing folks. I LOVE it. Least I know is, the content is spreading and the universe is responding and trying to throw even more lessons my way. I ask myself questions that tailor a lesson facing me. “Stacy, how do you feel?” – “How should you feel?” – “Does this person’s hate affect you?” Then I answer, “Great!” – “Exceptional” and “Hell no!”

See how easy it is to overcome hate and keep focused on your goal. The next time you come across a negative Nancy or Nate do me a favor and kill the feeling unwarranted and bad criticism gives you and fill the feeling with accomplishment and power!

Scam proof,