Hello Comfort Killers worldwide!

Most of you are bosses (hopefully leaders) in a company, including myself. If your not a leader of your space yet go and figure out what your next promotion is. You need to continue growth and obtain skills necessary to move up and ahead. I started in the airline industry with no previous experience in 2011. It was then when I made the decision that I will continue to reach to the top and get committed to avoid punching clocks. The clock was my enemy. It meant that someone else had control over my time and had control over my termination if I found myself on the late bus full of excuses. In order to avoid the clock, I had to pay attention to the winners in the company. This is why after my on the job training I latched on to the leaders who created great. I punched in and started hunting the ones that was considered the best at the job, because I wanted to be better than the best. I decided to devise a plan of action and create more than everyone else. I gave better customer service than the person next to me, I sold more and during my downtime I looked up all sorts of operational policy. Since no one else did this, I stood out. It became routine for me… I never made excuses, I stood late and did things that everyone else was either too lazy to do or just flat out scared to do. I took risks, made mistakes and I treated my co-workers with the utmost respect.

See comfort killers? Do you see how easy it is to jump from average to attractive? I hope you understand that there is a game already being played and I decided I wasn’t going to just sit around and complain about the rules. I didn’t spectate nor did I want to be in the game forever. I came in. I decided. I committed, soon after – I won the battle with the clock. I no longer punch clocks and haven’t since 2013. Now I am an implementer, a leader and influence my own team of people that punch clocks.

The motto isn’t how do I settle – the motto is to get uncomfortable. My next plan is aligning my purpose with the cash cow. There is always something new to learn, new skills to earn and people to turn to. My goal has shifted from punching clocks to becoming influential. I am still the better than the best.

How do you ignite your employees?

First off, it’s a damn shame to look at the cycle of new employees coming into the field. Everyone is worried about days off, vacation, shift times and policy. Everyone is telling you about their ‘other’ job and no one seems to have that fire under their ass to succeed in life. It pisses me off because I am passionate about growth. I tell my employees that I reward potential not activity. Your potential is great, some of them may never reach their fullest potential – as managers and leaders you need to tell this to your staff. I talk to them about themselves. I am Human Resources worst nightmare. What’s the legalities behind telling someone that they are a coward? or weak? I am not sure but I spit it. Listen, I have to motivate them in their own language. I have to allow them to fail, correct it without rewards. I have to leave them in the trenches just so their skills will be tested, used and trained.

How true is this for all the managers out there – Employees are dishonest.

I call all my employees on dishonesty. In fact, I don’t tolerate it at all. – The scenario goes as follows. New employee fills out application, new employee gets interview.. They are all smiles (if they are smart), they are dressed professional – They obviously are looking for more out of life. The showed up on time (if they are smart) and they have answers to interview questions that’ll blow your entire outfit off. They are attentive, share insight and knowledge from their previously held positions. They look alert and make you feel like your making the right choice to hire them, so you do.

Then all of a sudden, it’s like they transformed into some negative beast, insubordination, always complaining, always late, always trying to bring up policy and rules to throw at you, lazy, not a team player. THEY ARE THE TOTAL OPPOSITE OF THE BULLSHIT THEY PORTRAY – Someone hires them, and now you have to deal with them. Or you don’t.

I don’t deal with average. I can’t stand it. I can’t stand high school mindset from grown ups. I can’t relate to that so I just tell them. I say:

Hey SoandSo,¬†You fooled us. You made us to believe you were a super star in the beginning. When we hire we only hire winners and somehow you slipped through…or was it that you were a winner? Who are you? We only believe in these values right here: and you didn’t keep up your end of the bargain. By accepting the job and position you by default accept responsibility for your actions and by doing this you voiced that you will hustle, and be better everyday – are you doing that? Are you striving every day? Take last week for instance, we asked you to stay late due to a call out and your face expressed disgust, you gave me 2 excuses, you tried to switch it off with someone else? Not sure but it almost seems like you are fedUp? Are you fed up? Are you no longer interested in this position?

I’m sorry but people have to catch fire if they can’t get ignited or reignited then they might be a waste of time for you and your company. You must continue to drill them. Every day. Give them special projects, take time to do more. If you don’t then you failed as a leader because to easily quit on them is just as bad as them. But you must get result from them somehow! I decided to use the above technique. I prefer to walk with them outside and give them some of my real world experiences. Understand what is going on with them. … Maybe they are sick and not just sick and tired. As leaders, we have the pleasure of knowing and understanding many personalities, characteristic and 5+ alternative communication methods. We have to re-path problem employees, isolate damaging employees and support the company’s targets and mission. We have to always remain in touch with who we are and remain consistent but we must also acknowledge when we can get better!

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy Cross
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