Here’s How You Beat Procrastination Once and For All!



I was face to face with procrastination this week and learned a simple technique that allowed me to BEAT it, overcome it and create results. Before I explain to you how to beat it once and for all, let us first define its meaning to get a better understanding of how this one word caused so much damage to us in the past. So, let’s punch procrastination in the face!

pro·cras·ti·na·tion /prəˌkrastəˈnāSH(ə)n/ noun – the action of delaying or postponing something. 

Usually when we think about procrastination we understand the concept of inaction, not doing anything and staying still but I invite you to re-read the definition before going further. It appears that the word is an action. Whaaaat?! It is the action of inaction. When we don’t do something there is an energy and force that builds up behind inaction just as much as there is an energy and force behind doing something. This could be further dissected by pointing to you how momentum is generated. Again, we believe in the concept that momentum is positive and creates more motion, motivation and movement but what if inaction creates the same type of momentum but only in the other direction, a more negative direction. WOW!

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When we procrastinate we are setting an energy in motion to create inaction. As we learned in basic physics – something in motion tends to stay in motion. The application of this theory applies perfectly with procrastination and the result of procrastinating. I never thought to define words until recently when I decided that I will learn more about everything that I create, desire and want in my universe – This truth also empowered me to define everything I don’t want to create and desire as well. We live in a world of duality, positives and opposites. I come to find that if you aren’t doing the positive, growth yielding, successful activities then by default your automatically doing the opposite. It sucks, its harsh but it’s the truth. If your not living your dead. Point blank.

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I have discovered this 5-step process into overcoming procrastination and continuing success through purposeful action and experience.

  1. Understand what procrastination means – It is the action of not doing what you intended or planned to do.
  2. Understand that excuses is a form of procrastination – We always seem to find comfort when we give ourselves reasons to continue leading unsuccessful lives.
  3. Acknowledge the outcome of procrastination – This is done by saying or writing down what will happen if you don’t complete a task or goal. Break down the feelings you will receive and focus on the behavior you will cement.
  4. Acknowledge the benefits of completion – There is perhaps no better feeling in the world than completion of a goal, task or duty.
  5. Move forward with your intention –  Move forward. Begin. Finish. Do. Achieve. Go for it. Act. Fail. Try. Do it.

The only strategy to beat procrastination is to do the very thing that has got you procrastinating. The value is building habit and behavior that will be automatic in the future. I understand it is hard, I understand that you may be uncomfortable because procrastination had the upper hand for years but now is the time you punch it in the face and move on to bigger and better things.

Beat it with awareness! The golden rule is simple, first you have to know your doing something to change it!

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy Cross