DAY 1: Aches and Pain

  • by Stacy Cross
  • Mar 01, 2016
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I rose at 0530 this morning and said “thank you” – I need to get back to my routine, the one with positive results. It is 0701 right now and I forgot to do the most important task in my shift series morning routine and that is – write my goal down.  I won’t leave the house without doing it and as I am sitting here ready to go in the shower it dawned on me that I messed up. I am hard on myself … Why not? Everyone usually says not to be hard on yourself because the world is a hard and unfair place..pshh! Well I beg to differ.. I like pushing myself! I like seeing the benefits. It’s March 1st and I am aching .. there’s a wisdom tooth that need pulling, a dull headache that needs asprin and I remedy it all by jumping on my stationary bike. That’s pushing it… The first day is always the hardest of them’s also the easiest to quit. Later on today, I’ll go for a walk and the rest of the night I will commit to building my passive income empire.

I sold my girlfriend on the idea that we need to focus on income and not our spending or budget. She is so ready to explore business ideas and shuffle around rainy day money to see it successful. Tomorrow this routine continues until we begin to see the shift. So if you woke up today with pain, discomfort and excuses – I did too. And I am telling you to go ahead and be hard on yourself!!!

Remain uncomfortable,