Easier said than done right? I know that is what most of you are whispering back to me right now. You’re saying how the hell am I going to get out of this shitty neighborhood and move on up to a happier, wealthier, more successful town or city. Well, first thing is first, you have got to commit to the idea that where you live breeds who you are and what you get!

I usually drive into New Jersey for my haircuts because I quickly found out that barbers in Philly just don’t get the job done right. They play around in your head until your hairline is either pushed up or sideways. I been driving back to jersey (1.5 hours) each way just to get a decent haircut – that is until yesterday. I asked myself if the trip was beneficial to my lifestyle any longer. I made a choice for the change. I said hell no! I can use that time to get more done for my business and myself. Even though my commute into Jersey is filled with audio books and education the time didn’t reap any positive reward or result. I needed to shave the excess.

I called someone I worked with and he told me about an Asian-owned  barbershop he goes to that had better barbers, but warned, it’s in the ‘hood’. I went anyway. You can feel the atmosphere change over from clean, active, healthy and prosperous to dirty, stagnant and unhealthy. I spotted 4 liquor stores easily, where in my town I had one wine shop and another drive through (yes, drive your car through) liquor outlet. The drive-thru beer outlet is 3 miles away from my home in another area and the wine shop is in a small strip plaza which houses a United Artist theater and diner. Upon moving here, it was evident that bars and restaurants – social activity, dinner and a movie – bike shops – fitness and coffee shops is prominent. On the other side of the city, it was evident that scummy Chinese restaurants, liquor stores and dollar outlets were better suited. Why?

On my drive through the ‘hood’ not only did I see a lot of folks sitting around their porch and walking aimlessly, I saw a lot of garbage – I mean ridiculously amounts of trash all over the sidewalk, street, and in parks. It is as if people didn’t care about it, so why should the city. It’s easy toask, why won’t the city do something about the trash when it’s clear that even if the city came in with 1000 trash disposal trucks, the garbage would return inevitably because people, citizens and mindset of the community living there liked the damn trash.

When I moved from Jersey, I made it clear that it had to be to an area of growth. I wanted to meet and live among all types of people! I wanted to meet successful business owners, college students, smart asses, techies, foodies, bike riders, – I wanted to immerse myself with uncomfortable conversation. I needed this for my growth. Driving through the hood reminded me of how mindset can really keep a community stagnant. The home I rent now is 71% higher than I was paying in Jersey. I understood that there is a clear cause-and-effect of paying more for experiences.

Today Shivhon and I will be looking at another location in what they call “the best part of the city” – It’s a penthouse closer to the water. We  want a doorman and an even richer experiences – with breath-taking views of the city’s skyline and 180 views of the Delaware River. Why not? I want eye candy every morning. I want to be fueled by the energy of the sun, beaming through floor to ceiling windows. I know that to create this experience we need to create more in our lives. We need to 10X our business output, create product and build our businesses and income streams exponentially. Why? I keep asking you why because I figure, it’s the easiest thing to ask!

I will tell you why! Because I want more! I deserve more! I will work for more and teach people how to do the same. Do you want more? Will you take action to move up in life? We are not here on earth to settle and live a middle class lifestyle. We are here to be great,  eat great foods, enjoy a healthy lifestyle, be around amazing and positive people, give back and have a grand ol’ time before death. The people I saw in the hood yesterday weren’t living, they were merely robots, programmed to believe it is where they belong. They have classed themselves and the class they chosen for themselves was poverty, nasty food and low activity.

I am sure there are amazing people there, those with ambition, character, guts, grit, hope and dreams. I am asking you to give yourself a chance – you need to play the game of success to win. The odds of you being in the same room or elevator with people who will help and support your goal are slim in the hood. The odds of that same experience happening to me has been bumped up! I play the game to win. And, oh yes baby! It is a game. The game of life. If you are ambitious and want to get uncomfortable, now is the time to take action! It probably won’t happen in a week, month or a year. But, you will see if you follow these comfort killing strategies you will begin to see change. The first step is free, decide then act. Subscribe for our Newsletter now! 

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy Cross

P.S – Haircut wasn’t bad – I asked the barber to set up shop in my area, he says he is more comfortable in the hood.