Lesson: How to Start Thinking Like a Business : How to Stop Thinking Like an Employee

  • by Stacy Cross
  • Feb 19, 2016
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Any job that hires me never hires me for the job I actually apply for. I am fearless when it comes to building skills and taking necessary action that produce results such as promotion, increased income or greater responsibilities. This is true for my first job ever at a doctors office in high school or my current resource center in the airline industry.

Meet Shivhon, my awesome girlfriend and skill expert who helped put this very important lesson together. You will soon receive tons of quick lessons such as this one and we would love to gain insight on what you think of it! Send us a quick email by going here or reach out to us on The Comfort Killers Facebook page here. This lesson in particular will give you nuggets on top of nuggets that you can use begin using tomorrow to support your growth. Remember this, your salary is an income stream! Get better and acquire as much training and skills as you possible can in your position.

Our goal is to escape the 9-5 life, we all have that end in mind, but you must first gain solid experience before you transition full time in your business. While you are there – thief all the benefits! Enjoy this lesson.

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy Cross

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