10 Affirmations for a COMFORT KILLER!

According to Webster’s Dictionary, to affirm (verb) defines as 1: to declare something to be true 2: to say with confidence. In the Comfort Killers handbook I wanted to start off with a powerful intention. One that involves clarity and distinction given to readers. .. It was a no-brainer that the handbook opens with 22 affirmations that will kick start anyone’s mindset to shift more positively and even more quicker than ever. The power is within the I AM. I decided to give you 10 of the 22 affirmations today!

If you haven’t already, go snag a copy of my 29-page handbook that is the FOUNDATION for Comfort Killers!
• I am a Comfort Killer – I write my goals down and read them aloud every day so that it may be reinforced and always in my thoughts. I conquer and dominate any challenges that I face with persistent and consistent action. I write my plan of action out in great detail and will not be sidetracked by any external forces.

• I am a Comfort Killer – I practice gratitude daily by appreciating what I already have in my life. I appreciate the people in my universe and all that I have already attained. I do this by saying it as soon as I rise in the morning. I thank the universe and myself for another opportunity to reach my goals. I say it out loud: Thank you for this day to create. Thank you for the support I have. Thank you for everything I do have. Today is a ________ day. (Productive, successful, beautiful, peaceful, awesome, abundant)

• I am a Comfort Killer – I create a value system and live through it. Integrity is important to me. Synergy is vital. I know that in order to receive, I have to give without expecting anything in return. I am always available to help anyone that asks. I also know that I must treat all my fellow humans with the utmost respect, because I believe that people will show up at the right time to support me.

• I am a Comfort Killer – I know that time is a precious commodity that I must manage wisely. I know that wasted time takes me further away from my goal and dreams. I dominate time by being mindful of it, working with it and I know that I have to maximize time to succeed.

I am a Comfort Killer – During my travels and commute, I opt to listen to audiobooks instead of music and talk radio. In my free time I read books that will support my growth and teach me new techniques, strategies and standards that’ll support me at the right time.

I am a Comfort Killer – I know my power. I learn to change my attitude and vision. I no longer debate, argue or involve myself in meaningless activity among my peers. I excuse myself in conversations when people begin to complain or gossip. I do not watch the news.

I am a Comfort Killer – I expand my reach by being around people who are more successful than I am. I offer help to these people but I do not expect anything in return. I change my crowd and by doing that I change my outcome.

I am a Comfort Killer – I am honest and forgiving. I am genuinely interested in win/win outcomes in all my ventures. I always look at the growth potential in my failures and find a way to utilize the lessons learned in an effective way next time.

I am a Comfort Killer – I am aware of my thoughts, so much that I can change negative thoughts into positive ones. I visualize my plan then execute them precisely. I meditate and relax daily as a way to tap into my creative genius which is always there to share the wonders within myself.

Print these out, learn them, repeat them, love them, and BE them. Want more? 

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy Cross